5 Types of Standing Banners For Display

While operating a business, you should know the ways to attract your customers. Without having the proper advertising hacks in place

While operating a business, you should know the ways to attract your customers. Without having the proper advertising hacks in place, people won’t even be aware of your existence. It could lead to considerable losses in the long run. However, there are some practical and simplified ways to involve your customers and create a lasting impression in their minds.

One such way is to use banner stands for every event and trade shows. You must have seen the retail stores in a shopping mall displaying their best products to invite customers. You’ll see them throughout the malls in each store be it a clothing store, or accessories store. Not only banner stands are useful for retail shows, but also these are ideal choices for medical offices, corporate lobbies, municipal areas, etc. By using eye-catching graphics on these standing banners for display, you can make it more inviting for your customers.

These standing banners come in different sizes and shapes, starting a fixed stand to retractable. The sleek and simple stands provide ideal marketing solutions come under reasonable prices that suit any one’s budget. To promote your business or a product at a tradeshow or any exhibition, these banner stands are highly impactful. However, there are a variety of shapes and sizes available. The different types of the standing banner are as follows,


  1. Retractable Banner Stands

The retractable banner stand is the most common and popular style available at the market due to its portability. The display is pretty similar to window shades of earlier days. The best part is its graphic panel which is attached to a spring-loaded cartridge to provide the utmost display protection. When the banner is left unused, the graphic rolls down within the stand with the help of this spring. This feature allows the banner to set up the perfect display at the trade show.

The sizes range from 15″ width to 59″. However, the heights are adjustable. You can easily fix the desired height right at the trade show if you ordered an adjustable stand. Most of the manufacturers create both the flexible and fixed stands. So, the choices are up to your business needs.

You can connect this stand with two or three other banners stands to make a backdrop at your show. The stand’s cartridges are mostly black or silver. It comes in both fabric and vinyl. Most business owners prefer to use these banners for advertising events or indoor events. If you’re using it for outdoor purposes, you should contact the manufacturer to make it in such a way that ensures its stability.


  1. Portable Banner Stands

Portable banner stands are useful, especially when you’ve to tradeshow outside your country. Portable banners are standing available with its X and L backing. This banner stand falls under economic choices too. In case you are looking for standing banners for display under reasonable prices, this could be the ideal solution. To set this banner up, one needs to attach the display graphic to the four corners. You can reuse it multiple times, and the banner is replaceable. So, you can use the same stand for several promo events.


  1. Tension Banner Stands

Since people don’t always prefer a full-size banner, tension banner stands are the ideal options for them. These are found in a range of different shapes and sizes. You can mount the graphic separately using a tension. The best part is that it’s incredibly lightweight. So, if you’re finding a portable stand, the tension banner works the most perfectly. Also, compared to other banner stands, tension banner stands are relatively inexpensive too. Also, the graphics are replaceable, so you can even use it to make effective trade shows repetitively.


  1. Fabric Banner Stand

Another type of banner stands is the fabric banner. It could also be used as an alternative to the most popular retractable banner. Mostly businesses that lack enough budgets to afford a retractable banner often prefer this. The stand can also be printed on both of its sides. You can use your business logo and everything on both sides to create a strong impact. The stand also comes in a height of 2200mm or 3200mm. You can decide the height based on your requirement.


  1. Simple Banner Stand

If you’re using these banners at a museum, mall, departmental stores, or any commercial centers, then a simple banner stand can be an ideal choice. They usually come in two colors, black, and chrome. You can easily adjust the height of the stand and install the graphic. It is also an ideal choice for multiple uses. If you’re looking for a banner stand for indoor events, then a simple banner stand can be a great choice with its flexible height adjustment option.

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