5 Unconventional Jobs That Let You Be Your Own Boss

Even if you have the best manager in the world, it’s easy to daydream about being your own boss. You can set your own work hours, take vacation days when it suits you, and make time for appointments and errands when needed. But if you do decide to leave the 9-5 lifestyle behind, what options are out there? Try one of these five unconventional jobs.


Being a freelancer means doing the work you love, but only taking on the contracts that you want to. Too busy? Don’t get along with the client? Not interested in the project? You can pass on it. In addition, to repeat business and referred clients, you may also get freelance work from larger companies who need extra help on projects. Whether you are an editor, photographer, writer, tutor, or any other type of freelancer, you can build a big name for yourself without an overwhelming workload or irritating coworkers.

Day Trader

If math has always come easy to you and numbers are “your thing,” day trading might be the perfect career path for you. You get to analyze stock data and play the markets for a hefty return on investment. Before you choose to day trade full time, try it as a hobby. Check out an online trading course like those from Certus Trading, Warrior Trading, or Bulls on Wall Street. You’ll get a feel for what trading is like and learn some techniques to help you craft your own unique style.

Artist or Craftsman

Do you have a knack for the arts? Consider selling your work as an alternative to the 9-5 grind. Millions of independent artists and craftspeople are sharing their gifts and making money, too, thanks to the internet. Get yourself a spot at local craft or art fairs and list your items online on platforms like Etsy. If you’ve got the marketing expertise and people skills needed to sell your art, even better.


Nearly every industry has expert consultants to help companies make decisions. While many of these people come from larger firms, you can show off your expertise by becoming an independent consultant, especially if you have a lot of connections in your field.

Small Business Owner

Owning a business is hard work. In fact, you’ll likely go from a 40 or 50-hour workweek to double that. But being your own boss may be worth it! If opening a restaurant, bed & breakfast, boutique, or any other type of business has always been your dream, give it a go! This unconventional job is the riskiest but can also be the most rewarding option.

Don’t waste another day frustrated, bored, or stressed out at work. Consider becoming your own boss instead!

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