5 Unique Home Features for you to Consider

If you’re not one of those people who follow trends and you would like to create a home that reflects your uniqueness, there are quite a few creative ways to do just that. The development of numerous technologies has empowered the homeowner and with that in mind, here are a few projects that would define your living space.

1- Water Wall

A water wall can be installed in any room and with colored LED lighting as a backdrop, you can create a relaxing ambiance, as well as being a major feature that visitors will no doubt enquire about the water wall. Search online for a local firm that offers interior and exterior water walls and be prepared to be amazed! The water is looped and reused, with a small electric motor that powers the pump, and water walls are not as expensive as you might think.

One popular location is the rear wall of the house which is also the terrace entrance; if you ask a local supplier to visit you, they can advise regarding the best placement. The design is quite basic, with an electric pump that forces the water up the rear of the wall, which then uses gravity to come back down, where it is recycled back to the top. There are filters to stop debris from getting into the system and the unit does not require any maintenance, except for regular cleaning.

2- Customized Aquarium

There’s nothing to beat a beautiful made to measure aquarium filled with a diverse range of tropical fish. Talk to the experts at Fantasea Aquariums, who can design, fabricate, and install a stunning aquarium in your living room. They can also advise you on the various species of tropical fish that are best suited to home aquariums, along with care information.

Aside from the obvious aesthetic appeal, keeping fish is very soothing and they do have their unique character; watching the fish going about their business is fascinating. Great for those long winter evenings, customizing an aquarium that is built into a wall provides you with a great feature, and with the right lighting, the project is complete.

3- Garden Fountain

Either at the front or the rear of your home, a garden fountain is most definitely a major feature. The list of designs is long and a Google search will help you find a supplier and most include free installation. LED lighting can be combined to make an attractive evening sight and there is a switch to turn off the water supply. If you have a large driveway, a centrally located water fountain is an excellent feature of any property. Take your time when looking at designs and you might be lucky to find a large garden center that has water fountains set up in a real-life environment.

4- Spiral Staircase

Many homeowners mistakenly think that the staircase in the house is a permanent feature that cannot be changed; the fact is, a good carpenter and joiner can design, build, and install a circular staircase. The unit would be built off-site and the removal of the old staircase and installing the new one can usually be carried out in a single day.

This could be classed as a major project and the budget would reflect this; a skilled joiner commands a high hourly rate, yet the new staircase would be a major feature of the property, adding character and style. Here is some information about section sofas, which are ideal for a large living room.

5- Cladding the Study

If you are fortunate enough to have a room you use as a study, why not have a carpenter clad the walls with luxury vinyl? Hi-res digital imagery brings you stunning timber finishes and with some fine antique furniture and a wood burning stove, you can recreate a Sherlock Holmes study. If you have the ability and the tools, you could go down the DIY route and save yourself a fortune. There are YouTube ‘how to’ videos to help you master the art of interior cladding, or ask your local builder to quote for the project. A couple of antique wall lamps and a mahogany military chest and the look is complete.

Improving your home will increase the value of the property, while also adding to your comfort; click here for Australian government information on home improvements. There are more unusual features that might interest you and Google can offer you some inspiration.

Once you have chosen a project, you need to crunch the numbers and work out the cost, then you need to either source a contractor or, if you are carrying out the work yourself, list the tools and materials that you will need.

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