5 Unique Ways to Revamp Your Outdoor Garden Space

Sometimes, the space around your house needs a little makeover to look its best. Whether you’re dealing with an overgrown side yard or an unkempt corner, these five unique ways to revamp your outdoor garden space will make your home look wonderful.

5 Unique Ways to Revamp Your Outdoor Garden Space

1- The Overgrown

Side yards and the backs of houses often end up overgrown or unkempt next to the structure. It’s just the way plants grow. However, you can turn this space into a hidden patio with a few easy steps.

Overgrown garden

Salvaged slate tiles and a few garage sale finds go a long way in recreating your space. After a little trimming, you can easily turn your side yard into a patio by paving the ground and placing your tiles on top. Complete the look by placing stones around the perimeter to denote the area.

2- Utilizing Corners

Homeowners with an unsightly corner can also turn this space into a patio but have the option to create a garden as well. Flagstone patios are a simple mix of stone and seating that allow your corner to provide a sense of privacy. Placing artwork on the outer walls of your home can help soften the look.

If your corner has an air conditioning unit, as many do, then turning this space into a garden may be the best way to go. Utilizing low-maintenance house plants can help save money on the cost of upkeep while shading your air conditioning unit, saving even more money in the hot summer months.

3- Slopes

Garden Slopes

If your yard has a slope that isn’t exactly beautiful, then you can change this eyesore by creating a terrace. Slopes naturally give you the ability to create stairs and walkways that can lead down to a patio-style seating area.

You may need to add a retaining wall to parts of the slope, which can easily be done with either cinder blocks or wood. Not only does this create a unique area for you and your guests, but it also increases the resale value of your home.

4- Walkways

Steps, no matter what kind, can often seem bare on the side with just grass growing around them. Nothing spruces up your home’s entrance path while adding appeal quite like a garden bed. By using stones to create a border, you can easily fill in space with dirt and plant a wide variety of flowers to add color.

Adding solar-powered lights or a lantern can also make this space more inviting. You can learn more about which types of fixtures would work best on your porch at this website:

5- Plain Patios

If your home already has a patio but it isn’t adding to the beauty of your yard, you can change that by simply adding an outdoor rug. From there, pick up a table and chair set to create a sociable place for guests or a relaxing spot to enjoy after a hard day’s work. To make the space more inviting, use warm or bright colors.

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