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5 Useful Configurations for a 47x Truck

If you’re interested in buying a commercial truck, you should be aware of the options available to you to ensure you find a suitable machine for the job you need to do. When picking out a truck, you should also check out the available configurations.

While cataloging the configuration possibilities for even a handful of commercial trucks would comprise an extensive list, a few comments on one model should suffice to demonstrate the level of versatility that is available to anyone looking to purchase a new big rig.

Since the 47x truck is one of the most robust and versatile commercial trucks on the market, here is an overview of five vocational setups that suit it exceptionally well.

Versatility in Trucking

Any truck designed to meet a variety of professional needs must be versatile. In the world of commercial trucking, achieving a high level of versatility requires a high level of power and durability. Given the arduous tasks that commercial trucks are built to accomplish, more power is often necessary. That said, you also have to be sure that your truck will meet the regulations for any road or bridge where you intend to do work.

When a driver or business manager decides to purchase a 47X Truck, they must choose a configuration that meets the needs of the job they need the truck to perform. The Western Star X-series is a vocational line, which means that these trucks are best suited to performing tough jobs. Here are a few examples of configurations that are well suited to this particular truck model:

Concrete Mixing Truck

The ideal truck configuration for concrete mixing will be able to deliver as much concrete as possible without violating any local laws. The design of the 47x provides an excellent example of an ideal truck for this purpose, given that it offers a smaller hood than previous models; this allows it to meet more length requirements, despite offering exceptional power capabilities.

Crane Truck

Another configuration that is well-suited to the 47x is a boom truck crane. It takes a powerful model to be able to safely run a hydraulic crane for use in construction or industrial work. Given its options for set back or set forward axles, the 47x may be just the truck that you need. Crane trucks are useful in many situations because they offer the following advantages over installing fixed cranes in construction:

  • Less Costly
  • Fast to Set Up and Remove
  • Compact and Adaptable

Because of these advantages, crane trucks are an excellent addition to the fleet of any truck company that offers rentals.

Long-Haul Trucking

While the shape and size of the 47x make it ideal for labour-intense vocational tasks, it also has the power and ruggedness to carry large loads over great distances. Given that this model is designed with exceptional versatility in mind, it is well suited to hauling many different types of loads for just about any industry you can imagine. Under the rubric of long-haul trucking, there are a few different configuration options to choose from.

Double Trailer

If you need more axles to haul more oversized loads, you will also gain that option by buying a truck that can be configured as a long combination vehicle. When you can haul more loads in one trip, you’ll save time and fuel costs with every load. Lower fuel consumption also results in lower greenhouse gas emissions, so you’ll be able to make your company greener when you opt for a truck that can perform more at once.

Keep in mind that when you buy a truck, you may not always foresee every need that will arise for your business in the future. By buying a vehicle that can cover a broader range of configurations, you’ll be covered for more possibilities, allowing for more opportunities to increase your cash flow.


Another configuration you may be interested in when purchasing a new big rig to add to your trucking company is simply buying a bobtail option. A bobtail configuration refers to a semi-truck with no trailer attached and has not been configured with other vocational equipment.

Bobtailing should not be confused with deadheading, which refers to a transport truck hauling an empty trailer. The main advantage of purchasing a bobtail configuration is that it allows you to leave your options open for an easier transition to a new configuration in the future. It might also be your best option if you already own several trailers.


Along with the versatility that this particular truck offers drivers across a wide range of vocational needs, it also provides various advantages on the inside. No matter what configuration you require in a new 47x truck, you can be sure that it will contain an interior designed to get any driver through long working hours. Such trucks are equipped with features like

  • Vocational Switches
  • Driver Command Center Display
  • Multi-function Steering Wheel
  • Fully Adjustable Steering Column

If you want to keep your options open for today or tomorrow, you need a truck that can deliver.

These are just five examples of the many configurations that this particular model of a commercial truck can be used to do. Before you purchase your next commercial truck, be sure to discuss your vocational needs and any other plans that you might have for your truck for the future with a knowledgeable salesperson at a commercial truck dealership near you. 

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