5 Uses Of Clear Stickers For Your Business

Have you recently discovered clear stickers and wondered how to use them in your business? Or would you like to understand more about how they’re made?

Whatever your interest in clear stickers, we’re here to explain all you need to know about clear stickers.

We’ll briefly explain what they are & how they’re made before jumping into how you can use them.

Let’s get stuck in!

So what exactly is a clear sticker?

Clear stickers, also known as transparent stickers, are printed on see-thru plastic, usually vinyl or PP. They are typically published in full color, including white ink. Here’s an excellent example:

Can you explain how clear stickers are made?

There are quite a few layers within a clear sticker. Here is an exploded view to show you each one in detail:

  1. A clear laminate sits on top. It protects your printed design from sunlight, scratching & water.
  2. Your design can be printed in various ways, but typically it’s digitally printed with CMYK colors. White ink is also used behind some colors to make them opaque (non-see-thru).
  3. The transparent base layer is what your image gets printed on.
  4. A medium-strength adhesive is excellent for general use.
  5. The backing paper makes stickers easy to peel, gives a quality feel, and keeps them flat, so they don’t curl.

How can I use clear stickers?

There are tons of uses for transparent stickers. We’ll go into a few here.

1. Window stickers

Clear stickers are ideal for showing your design and not the sticker’s material. Large shop window graphics are a perfect application where you want your logo to be the center of attention. Here’s a superb example of a die-cut sticker on transparent vinyl:

2. Front adhesive stickers

Front-adhesive stickers are made using a transparent sticker. All you need to do is print your design mirrored, then print white ink over the top. When you peel away the backing, you’ll see your artwork perfectly, just through the transparent vinyl & adhesive. There are loads of uses for front-adhesive stickers. The best being you can then stick them inside windows to protect them, for example, on car stickers for your members.

3. Packaging labels

Here’s a fantastic example of a clear label branding this hand soap. It looks so simple but effective with the white ink and monochrome design. If you are starting or have a short run of products, labels are perfect for branding your products.

4. Add stickers to your products

Apple & Google do this exceptionally well. Getting your logo, in sticker form, in the hands of your most loyal fans can only be a good thing. Because stickers are such a low cost per unit, it’s a great way to help them see your brand over & over by sticking them on a laptop or phone.

5. Try some guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing is all about using alternative methods to communicate your key message. An incredible example is Puma. They paid Pelé $120,000 to tie his laces, in front of millions, at the beginning of the 1970 soccer World Cup final. Try using it to inspire some ideas of your own. Having a 10-minute search on Google will also help to find more ideas.

We hope you now have a detailed understanding of transparent stickers and heavy-duty sticker for equipment, how they’re made, and what to use them for in your business. If you have any questions or want to know more about custom stickers, please comment below.

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