5 Ways on How to Keep Your Lips Healthy and Beautiful

Your lips can be one of your most distinctive and beautiful facial features, but they don’t remain that way without effort. A scientific study discovered that your lips and kissing play an important role in your romantic relationships. The act of kissing helps your body determine if two people are biologically compatible.

According to medical experts, your lips get thinner and less luscious due to age. That’s because your lips are full of collagen, a natural substance that your body produces less and less, as you get older. Exposure to certain chemicals and environmental factors can also hasten the deterioration of your lips. Although you can revitalize them with lip filler specials, there are simple ways you can ensure they remain beautiful for a long time.

Keep your lips looking lovely and healthy with the following tips:

1- Exfoliate Your Lips

Your lips are part of your skin and just like the skin on the rest of your body, it routinely sheds dead cells. An accumulation of dead cells makes your lips look less shiny and feel rough as if they’re chapped. You can exfoliate your lips easily by applying a high-quality lip balm before you go to bed at night. In the morning, wash your face and use a slightly damp cloth to wipe away the balm, along with any dead skin. This won’t just remove dead skin cells, it will also massage your lips, improving circulation and making them a little more luscious.

2- Keep Lips Moist

Dry, chapped lips aren’t just unattractive to some people, they can be painful and irritating. Your lips can dry easily because their skin is more sensitive than regular dermis. You can keep lips moist and prevent them from chapping by simply drinking enough water during the day, especially when you’re under the sun. You should also use chapsticks and lip balms for both hot weather and cold climates, to protect lips from windburn.

3- Antioxidize Your Lips

Your entire body benefits from detoxifying ingredients that help purge unhealthy substances from your body and enhance your metabolism. Detoxifying improves your circulation and makes your lips look redder and lusher. You can also keep your lips healthy and beautiful by using lip products with antioxidants. Berry and citrus-infused lip balms help revitalize your lips, making them look younger and healthier.

4- Remove Makeup

Cosmetics manufacturers have discovered that red lipstick is scientifically proven to make your lips and face more attractive. However, you shouldn’t leave your makeup on for longer than necessary. Just like any other cosmetic, you’re not supposed to sleep with lipstick on. Before going to bed, you should wash your face and carefully remove your lipstick or lip gloss, to prevent your lips from getting damaged due to chemical exposure.

5- Protect Lips from Harm

Your lips are very sensitive, and they need to be protected from all kinds of harm. For example, when you’re going to spend a lot of time under the sun, you don’t want them drying up. Use a lip balm with UV-blocking ingredients. You should also be careful about what type of cosmetics you use. Make sure the makeup you buy is compatible not just with your appearance but also with your body chemistry. This can prevent skin irritation and even an allergic reaction.

Your lips are some of the most recognizable features on your face. Taking care of them should be one of the cornerstones of your beauty regimen.

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