5 Ways How to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Entering college, people start to become more independent. A stepping stone that requires a lot of changes. One of which is being far from home. Most colleges are far from where your grade school and high school life were spent.

Being miles away from home, you miss how life used to be when you were surrounded by the most special people in your life. Are you feeling homesick? Do you miss how it feels to be home?

Being stressed with all the school work and extracurricular activities sheds some light on how will you feel closest to your family. How do you stay motivated when you are miles away from home? Arrange your dormitory according to how your room at home is arranged.

With these 5 helpful tips, you will never feel away from home.

Bring in the Greens

Choose an indoor plant best placed on your side table or study table. They help in neutralizing the mood of the room bringing a relaxing atmosphere. Seeing them every time you’re worn out from studying will help in calming down your nerves.

Most indoor plants are not that high-maintenance. You can choose to have a cactus instead if you think you can’t manage to water them every day.

Greens elevate the calming mood inside a room which is a big help if you’re stressing out. You don’t necessarily have to put many indoor plants. One or two is fine. Besides, they’re not as messy as outdoor plants.

Check online which plants do not require much maintenance and monitoring. Indoor plants are best displayed in stressful working environments. This at least can give you a memory of your garden at home.

Light Up The Surroundings

A well-lit room boosts productivity from the color to the vibrancy of the light. Most people play with different light colors to boost the aura of the room. We got used to the decorative lighting found at home which makes the environment feel comfortable and cozy.

Decorate your cove ceiling with a flexible LED strip lighting system. Apart from the fact that they’re easy to control, they are customizable too.

To achieve the ambiance at home, utilize warm lights for the secondary lights and white lights for the primary ones.

This is to balance out the color and vibrancy of both inside the room. Primarily, it’s all about aesthetics but lighting plays a significant part in the functionality of the dormitory too.

Since it will be used most of the time, seek the lights with the best quality without compromising the costs and energy consumption.

Put Up Photos of Family and Friends

Check the gallery of your phone and look for the most memorable pictures you have of your family and friends. Develop or print these pictures then hang them on a piece of craft string. You can also use fairy lights with clips to add a little creativity.

You can hang them on the headboard of your bed or on a wall near your study table. Now, you have a great view of the people who belong to a special place in your heart.

You can also try sticking them to the wall and decorating them with craft tapes or papers to create DIY picture frames. It’s like having your own big scrapbook. Apart from hanging and sticking, most prefer clipping them to strings looking like garlands.

Be creative when hanging these photos because some decorations wear out as time goes by. If you don’t want to ruin the well-painted wall, you can try to pin them on your corkboard.

Choose a Comfortable Cushion for the Bed and Pillows

In times of breakdown, apart from our friends, we seek comfort in our pillows and beds. As much as possible, we want to maximize the allotted time designated for sleeping and lounging. After a long day at school, we want to rest and lounge in bed all night.

The best cushion for bed and pillows will give you the most satisfying sleep you deserve after days of being an all-nighter. We want something that is not too soft yet not too stiff as well.

With the number of pillows and beds in the market, choose a brand with a reputation for achieving the comfort of the people. We all have those days when we want to crawl in between the sheets. Our bed is a space where you can be yourself without being judged.

They are like a non-speaking best friend who sheds your tears when you’re feeling down. As a lasting solution, you want a bed and pillows where you feel most comfortable.

Be Creative with Wall Decorations

Apart from your photo wall of friends and family, we also put up corkboards and whiteboards as college students. It’s not just about being aesthetically pleasing but assuring that whatever is used to decorate has a specific function.

From the shelves to the boards, they designate a specific purpose that makes the most out of the room. Play with different school supplies that you can use to customize the look of your room.

Some maximize the space of the wall to put a whiteboard where they can write all the tasks they have to work on. It’s like a large scrapbook space where they can pin pictures, sticky notes, shelves, and other needed stuff for school.


When it comes to the design of your dormitory, as much as possible, you don’t want it to be different from the room you got used to. Since this is an exciting stage where everything is fresh and new, you are excited to get creative.

These amazing tips are just the start of the list. But in making your room feel like home, you have to be creative.

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  1. You need a lamp that will emit the right light color in your room. And I would suggest Polycab LED Lighting & Luminaires. Saving future maintenance & cost.

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