5 Ways Perfectionists Can Organize Everything at Their Desks

Shuffling through a pile of papers is not an ideal way to start your day daily at the office. Plus, it is not the most productive use of your time. If you always need to get things done and save enough time at the office to accomplish all tasks of the day. The truth is you need to organize your workspace, and this should be a daily habit. If you are a perfectionist, you know how a messy desk is unpleasing to the eye, and you need to get everything in its proper place. So how do you go about having an ideal desk space to work? Below are 5 ways perfectionists can organize everything at their desks.


  1. Get a desk organizer

Teslyar desk organizer is a must-have if you are particular about where everything should be. This will help you keep your phones, note pad, sticky notes, wireless charger, keys, and other essentials together in a unique, stylish, and accessible way. Therefore, you do not need to have your phone or pens all over the place distracting you. This is because you have a designated organizer for them. A quality desk organizer also upgrades your workspace, and you will admire how effective it works for you.


  1. Label your cords

Do you have a jumbled mess of electronics that are all plugged into your power cord? This mix up is not a pretty sight to anyone who loves an organized space. It is a puzzle that you have to sort out every time, as you try to understand which plug is for what device. To sort this mess at your desk will require you to get labels for each of your cords. Once you attach the paper labels to each, either it is a camera, iPhone, e-reader cord, or any other. The guessing game stops, and no more accidental plugs to the wrong devices. Notably, you can use labeling papers or label markers as you deem best.


  1. Use your bulletin board

Depending on how best you use your bulletin board. It can help you organize your desk or not. For instance, a framed photo on your desk is something happy to look at and add personality too. However, this takes up space on your desk. Hence, if you add all your favorite moments and photos on your bulletin board, it will be a great way to contain your décor. Plus, when you have your sticky notes on your board, they look much better than when you have them scattered around your computer screen.


  1. Sort papers right away

It is best to organize mail and documents right away instead of piling castaway papers on top of the already huge pile on your desk. This will help you a lot, even when you have to separate them into two files, one reading later and another of handing off. The files will be a great benefit. Other than having to go through piles of papers to try to find out the right one. Also, you can label them with a marker. Each at the top of the file to make it easy for you to identify them.


  1. Get a tray

When you found it impossible to put everything you had to use back in its place as you thought you would. A tray that you have on your desk will come in handy. Not only will it help you cut the clutter, but it will make it look intentional to return it or sort it out than when it all over your desk. Also, you can get a setup that works for you and the work you do.

To conclude, the above ways are best when you need your desk space to look in order and when you want to get more intentional in organizing it. When you have a desk with less clutter and no piled up papers on it, it makes your workday smooth, and you end up having a productive day. Remove anything that is taking more of its fair share in your desk area and leave what you need within reach and is necessary.

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