5 Ways to Help Make the World a Better Place

Growing up, many of us wanted to change the world. We dreamed of becoming heroes or having exciting careers that help others live better lives. To some people, these dreams seem childish because they’re convinced that individual effort won’t make that big of a difference.

However, if we all decided to start acting instead of just daydreaming, we could see some significant progress. Whether you’re looking to get started or simply feel like you could be doing more, here are five amazing ways to help make the world a better place.

Spend your money wisely

Paying attention to how you’re spending your money on a daily can make a major difference over time. This is a simple habit many of us can get into if we just do some research beforehand.

Is there a local small business you could be going to instead of that big retail chain? Are there any retailers in your town that are minority or women-owned? Think about this the next time you’re doing your shopping, whether we’re talking about clothes, groceries, or services. Remember – every time you pay for a product or a service, you’re voting with your dollar. By directing your dollars the right way, you can empower your daily purchases and make the world a better place.

Give the gift of time by volunteering

In a time when more people are focused on themselves and are being selfish with their time, money, or both, seeing someone being generous with these resources is quite refreshing. While you can’t do much to change others, what you can do is give the gift of time by volunteering.

Practically every community can benefit from more individuals offering a helping hand. While many programs across the U.S. are centered around volunteering with animals or helping with environment conservation, some states such as Florida offer an amazing chance to directly make other people’s lives better.

For instance, there are volunteer opportunities in Broward County that focus on providing low-income families with stability through affordable homeownership. Such programs address the urgent need for stabilizing the housing market of South Florida hit by the foreclosure crisis. Whichever program you choose, volunteering is certainly one of the best ways to help make the world a better place.

Donate and be generous to others

Donate and be generous to others

Other than donating your time and skills by volunteering as well as spending money wisely, you could also donate physical items. You can start slowly by donating your unwanted stuff and clothes to a local charity. Alternatively, you can post items online at ad-posting sites and give them away free of charge. This will increase the chances of the items reaching people in need while also helping you free up space.

Another thing you can easily do online and help others directly is by registering to become an organ donor. This is important because only around 50% of U.S. adults are registered – even though 95% of them support organ donation. You can also donate blood or join a bone marrow registry and potentially save a life. Just by educating yourself about current problems we’re facing as a society, spreading awareness, and being kind and generous to others, you’ll be helping out tremendously.

Support worthy causes and organizations

Speaking of staying on top of social issues, another way you can contribute is by supporting worthy causes and organizations. With information at our fingertips, it’s now easier than ever to find a cause that sparks your interest. The digital age has also made it easier for us to educate ourselves and inspire others to take action themselves.

Start by identifying the need in your community and finding the right way to address it. For some, this will mean helping in the battle for transgender equality by promoting activism at a local level. For others, this will mean starting a community support group for mental health and raising awareness to help destigmatize it. Some other great examples of helping the community include supporting local women’s shelters and donating to a local homeless charity.

Do your best to be more eco-friendly

Last but not least, making the world a better place is also something you can do by preserving the environment. Think about all the water, paper, and food that gets wasted daily. Ask yourself: Is there anything I can do to change my everyday habits and conserve these precious resources?

The truth is, that choosing to go green can be a major money-saver. Although it shouldn’t be our only source of motivation, it acts as a great incentive for adopting eco-friendly habits. Some of them include:

  • Limiting water usage, fixing leaks, and washing full loads only
  • Switching to reusable cloths, bags, napkins, plates, and cups instead of paper ones
  • Storing food correctly, shopping smart, using up leftovers, and composting

Wrapping up

We all have the power to change the world for the better. The only thing we need to do is to get started. Every actionable step counts and the sooner people realize this, the better.

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