5 Ways to Keep Yourself Occupied While Commuting to Work

One thing that almost every working-class person has in common is that they have to commute to work. The exception to the rule is those who are self-employed or happen to work from home majority of the time. Nevertheless, this commute can be a long or short journey depending on how far away from home your place of employment is. During this commute, there are a million and one things that you can do to keep yourself occupied. Whether you want to release stress or be productive, here are five ways to keep yourself occupied while commuting to work.

5 Ways to Keep Yourself Occupied While Commuting to Work

1.) Play Games

For some people, the perfect way to start their day is by doing something they love. An activity that can help you destress is playing games. If you take a bus or train to work, you probably notice people playing games on their phones or tablets. You could play a casino game on Unibet or download a word game app,  just to give you a few ideas. You want to go into the office with a clear mind as well as feeling relaxed, and games can help with that.


2.) Catch up on Work

Robert Half points out that your commute to work is a chance to get organized. Consider using that time to prepare your task list for the day and reply any emails so that your inbox isn’t overflowing when you get to the office. This is most ideal for people that don’t drive to work and have free hands. For those who do drive, on the other hand, you can mentally go through your task list and listen to motivational podcasts on the way to the office.


3.) Read

Some people enjoy reading, but it seems as though they can never make the time to do so. Your commute is the perfect opportunity, so make the most of it. Red Online suggests reading books on your journey such as The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, Hausfrau by Jill Alexander Essbaum or Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed. If you don’t want to read books, however, you could read your local newspaper and catch up on current affairs instead. This could help stimulate your mind before work which may be exactly what you need to kickstart a great day.


4.) Watch TV

For some people, catching up on TV shows that they’ve missed throughout the week is their favourite thing to do on their commute. If you’ve got the battery life and internet connection for it, this is certainly something that you could do. When watching shows on your commute, a good tip is to choose something suitable to the length of your journey so that you don’t miss your stop. It’s also practical to bring earphones along to avoid disturbing the people on the bus or train who may not be so keen on watching your show with you.


5.) Meditate

It may seem impossible to meditate during your commute to work, but it’s actually something that you can do. Very Well Mind lists eight different ways to meditate. Meditating is a good way to clear your head and channel positive energy your way. To be more mindful during your commute, if you are on the train, try 60-second meditation where you close your eyes and clear your mind. If you’re driving, turn the radio off and focus on what’s going on at that moment.

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