5 Ways to Make it Easier for Customers to Buy Your Product

During such times, when the world is battling the Coronavirus, people have enjoyed shopping online, while at the comfort of their home

During such times, when the world is battling the Coronavirus, people have enjoyed shopping online, while at the comfort of their home. They don’t want to go out and mingle or socialize. However, buying things online saves time and money. On the downside, purchasing commodities online can be a risky affair for many. They fear they can lose their money or fail to get what they had ordered. As a business, you need to change this belief. It would be best if you came up with a long-term strategy and tactics to attract online shoppers.

What are these tactics?


Build Trust

Before people buy your product, they need to trust your business. They don’t want to buy something, and the next time they visit your site, they find a 404 error. Work on your site before making it an E-commerce site.

Optimize it for the best user experience. Make it load faster so that potential clients don’t get exhausted from waiting. Second, provide social proof. Get honest reviews of your product. Having one or two negative reviews should not dampen your hopes. Nothing is perfect. From the reviews, you’ll know how to improve your product. You can offer the product for free in return for an honest review. The number of followers you have on social media also helps in building trust.


Product Descriptions

Know what to say and how to say it. Write all that there is to write about your product or service. Never give false information about your product. This will affect your sales and might break the trust.

The use of clear visuals will also increase your sales. “Seeing is believing.” Many people are compelled to buy something once they see it, especially if the pictures are of high quality.

Even though they may not need the product at that particular time, they will buy it and use it when the time comes. Another trick is to highlight the number of products left in the store. No one would like to miss buying something good.

This will trigger online shoppers to hurry and make a purchase. Include keywords in the description to make it effortless for people to locate the product when they search.



Incentives lure people into buying commodities. There are always higher sales when a discount is offered. When you decide to adjust the prices back to normal, and the product still meets the user’s expectations, you will be surprised that the sales will always be high.

Quality services and products will trigger clients to spread the word to others. This is an effortless way of winning. If you can’t offer discounts, you can provide free shipping or free delivery. If you can’t make it free, you can choose to reduce the shipping or delivery costs. Also, make sure that you deliver products on time. If it’s not possible, let the client know before time.


Make buying Your product Online Easier and Safe.

This is one of the essential steps to accomplish. You would not want your customers’ accounts to be hacked. This is a put-off. Better safe than sorry. You can’t afford to throw caution to the wind.

For clients to purchase from your site, provide a secure payment processing solution. Most websites use visa, debit, or credit cards to pay for online shopping. You can use an online credit card processing service like PayPal to make it easier for clients to buy.

Optimize your site and make it mobile-friendly. Most of your clients will come across the product on the phone. Not all online shoppers own laptops. According to research, most people love buying products directly from the source and not from third parties. So, instead of placing your product on Amazon, sell it on your website.


Add a Call to Action

After the product description, make sure you add a call to action. Push the potential customer to do something about what they see or read. “Buy Now,” “Buy while stocks last,” are some common examples. You can also get creative. For example, if you sell puppies online, a call to action such as “Am lonely, please choose me” or “I love you already, we’ll make a perfect match, buy me” will work better.

Making products and services easy to find and safe to pay will make clients return to your website for more. Through word of mouth, they will refer other people to your site, and profits will increase. As long as you offer quality, a steady stream of customers won’t lack.

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