5 Ways to Make Your Skateboard Unique

Ah! Remember the golden phase when everyone wanted to be as cool as Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker with that nerdy-dashing customized skateboard? Let’s be honest now, shall we? We all still crave that. 

Skateboarding is a stylish sport, and therefore, every sucker for skateboards needs, or better – deserves a sassy and opulent board that says their valid style – loud, proud, and bold. On that note, here are 5 authentic ways that you can build a gorgeous and handsome skateboard, and that too without much hassle and spending.

Go with an Aesthetic

Every border needs to have a specific or even fusion of aesthetics, that screams classy, perpetuated on the board. Here, go with what your passion claims, do not just simply try to recreate any influencer’s craft, though you can summon inspiration. 

So, sit and conclude the type of aesthetic you want to portray through your skateboard, and then begin your prep in terms of the particular choice. 

Be Creative with the Marker

Apart from being an avid skateboarder, if you are skilled in the artistic venture, here is your time to shine. But worry not; even an amateur can have fun with the designing of their board. All you need is some bold, permanent markers with various and preferred color palettes.

After you are apt with the chosen markers, select some of the art or configuration that you want to recreate on your board. You can go as simple as a bunch of floating clouds, to as intrinsic and dynamic as a portrait of your favorite cartoon characters (how about Perry the Platypus?).

Make use of Grip Tape

If you are no Picasso (and the chances are you aren’t), you can choose to go with custom grip tape itself. The fun part is, it is not as costly, and you do not need to go crazy with markers and drawings. 

You can probably find different styles of grip tapes on the internet that match all the varied aesthetics. You can choose to go with some emo-dark custom tape or could choose some groovy-shiny style, but go you!

Simple with Spray Paint

If you want to choose a rather simple way, but still something that makes your board ready to compete with Victoria Secret’s model, go with some fun spray paint. 

Spray paint may get a little heavy on your pocket, but again, not enough to make you break. You can go the OG way and be classic with your skateboard. Build some nebulous galaxy or just some little rays. Again, do you.

Doodle, Doodle, Doodle!

Too lazy, yet too creative? Yeah, we feel you. Doodling is not only fun but also could look extremely voguish if done right. Either you can go with colorful sloops, or with black and white calligraphy. 

You can also choose to go for some bunch of random yet inventive doodles, via the markers. This is the simplest yet fetching way to customize and make your skateboard look diverse and unique.


How ready are you to go all artistic and creative, to make your skateboard as unique as the ones in the movie Street Dreams? These 5 ways are different yet simple and on budget. Choose the one that works for you and rock!

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