5 Ways to Relax During Your Shower

Too much work can drain you out physically and mentally. That’s why having a day off is essential to recharge yourself for all the hard work you’ve done. There are tons of ways to unwind and relax, but the most comfortable and most convenient way is to have a nice long shower. If you’re thinking of doing so, here’s 5 ways to relax during your shower:

1- Have a steam shower

Once you’ve tried steam showers, you can’t go back to using traditional showers anymore. Steam showers are a whole lot of experience. You get a jet massage from the sides, perfect to get a relaxing massage for sore muscles. Some also come with a jacuzzi for a perfect soak. Plus, they also have built-in speakers to put the cherry on top. Steam showers are a perfect combination of aromatherapy and chroma therapy. Upgrading your traditional shower into a steam shower would be a wise decision, and there are pretty good reviews about it. You can check out more steam shower reviews here.

2- Soak in warm water

You can never go wrong with a nice soak of warm water in your bathtub. It definitely relaxes your muscles from all the strain you had for the entire day. It also balances your blood pressure and helps in blood circulation. Soaking in warm water soothes your nerves, making you feel more comfortable lying in the tub. If your bathtub has a built-in massager that uses water pressure, you should definitely use it. It would be more relaxing that way. You can also put bath bombs or essential oils in the water. It would make your skin feel soft and plump after.

3- Put some candles or a humidifier

Who would forget to add some candles for a late-night shower session? It’s a must! If you have a preferred scent for your candles like lavender, peppermint, or vanilla, you can get scented candles for a more fantastic experience. You can also swap the candles for a humidifier if you don’t prefer setting up a candle. Humidifiers are perfect for people with a sensitive sense of smell but still want to enjoy aromatherapy. There’s a wide variety of essences and oils you can choose from to use for your humidifier. It’s perfect if you’re going to clean out the air of your bathroom while having a relaxing bath inside. Also, you can also consider soy wax melts as a replacement for candles.

4- Set up your iPad and speakers

Since you’ll be spending quite a long time soaking in your bathtub, why not set up a mini-movie session too? Watch one or two episodes of your favorite tv show or maybe a movie. If you prefer listening to music instead, it’ll be great too! Depending on your mood, you can play something disco or mellow and sing along too if you’d like. You can also play something more relaxing, like acoustic or instrumental music. It would be the perfect ambiance for meditation too. 

5- Exfoliate and Moisturize

Whether you’re a man or woman, you need to treat your skin with exfoliation once in a while. Grab your scrub pads, exfoliating gloves, or whichever you use to scrub away those dead skin cells. While you’re at it, you can also consider shaving or waxing your legs and cleaning up your brows, if you’d like. And of course, don’t forget to apply a generous amount of moisturizer or an after-shave lotion. Lather yourself with your favorite body creams to complete your shower session.

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