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6 Amazing gift Packing Ideas Kids of all Ages will Love Opening

An excellent gift should excite a child from the moment they receive it to the moment they open it. Wrapping a child’s gift in the plain paper will make your gift seem pretty boring and uninteresting. If you are hosting Yabadoo Kids Parties, how can you wrap your gift to make them more exciting for children to open? This article focuses on amazing and unique ideas that you should use to customize your child’s gift and show them that you care about them on their birthday or during the holidays. Regardless of the idea, you choose to go with, don’t forget to call the best Orange County photographer to capture every moment as your child opens the gift. Read on!

gift Packing Ideas Kids


1- Use washi tape

Did you know that you can use washi tape to decorate your kids’ gifts in so many ways? You can carve out initials, make washi tape bows to add an element of cuteness to a gift, or better yet label gifts in the order you want them to be opened if you are giving your child several gifts.


2- Polka dot paint wrapping paper

If your gift is already wrapped in brown paper and you have little time to customize it, how about you use that extra paint sitting in your garage to add polka dots to the paper. Usually, white dots will make the package look great, but if you have paint in other colors, you can paint the polkas in different colors. Only use this idea if you are sure that the paint will not destroy the gift.


3- Use candy ribbons

Candy ribbons allow you to add sweet treats to your gift, which makes young children really happy. Simply select gummy bears or candies that have holes in them and join them with a jewelry string to form a candy ribbon that your child can eat once they receive the gift.

However, you need to know that candy is not the healthiest treats your kids can have. Therefore, don’t wrap your gifts with many candy ribbons. If you have to, consider healthy candy options such as Unreal milk chocolate, snickers, candy corn, and smarties.


4- Spiderman style

Almost all, if not all children love Spiderman. He is the superhero they all look up to for optimum m entertainment, with some of them even trying to do the things he does. Therefore, if you want your gift to make sense to them regardless of how young they are, wrapping it using the Spiderman style will excite them and make them appreciate your act of kindness even more.


5- Printable banana split wrapping paper

This is essentially a wrapping paper that comes with different types of ice cream printed on it. The gift wrap is kid-approved, bearing in mind that unlike many gift wrapping ideas that most parents go for, this one doesn’t come with the ever-healthy hazardous post-birthday sugar rush.


6- Use baby photos

Using your child’s baby photos adds a fun factor to the gift. Normally. Young children love deciphering whose image is on photos. Adding a picture of them with several family members will give them an extra activity fun to do as they try to name who is on the photo while opening their gift.

For older kids, it is recommended that you use as many baby photos as you can so that you can refresh their memories and give them a glimpse of where they have come from. Make sure that the photos you use are high resolution, and if not, at least use a good photo editing software to filter them and enhance their visibility.


Amazing packaging makes your gift look unique and thoughtful. They make it look more appealing, and makes it easy for kids of all ages to appreciate your kindness, even if some of them are too young to know what gifting is all about. Additionally, they take off the anxiety of gift opening by making your child smile before they even see what is inside. Make your child feel that you care for them by going the extra mile with the amazing gift packaging ideas discussed above.


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