6 Best FX Signal Providers for 2022

In the first decades of the 21st Century, “the development of e-businesses represents an important factor in boosting the growth and prosperity of human society”. In the new electronic trading environment of the financial markets, automated trading systems have become an important part of any modern financial investment company. FX signals are used as suggestions to crypto traders. A signal provider is someone publishing their trading signals on the platform and allowing other users to subscribe to their trading signals and route them onto their accounts.

 The provider should be regulated by special services to offer better signals. With so many providers in the market at the moment, unsuspecting traders can end up investing in the wrong service. Using inaccurate FX signals can damage a trader’s winning rate and can even lead to enormous losses that are uncontrollable. Many people dedicate a lot of time to researching providers before investing. To make this choice easier, we’ve listed some of the best forex signals to use in 2022.

1. Anzo Capital

Anzo Capital wants to overcome the hurdles that are presented by an unpredictable market. It produces stable FX signals for free. It is a great signals service with a strong community of users and traders behind it. It accepts payment methods such as Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, Visa, and Mastercard. It is compatible with MetaTrader and is regulated by the IFSA (St. Vincent and Grenadines). 

2. Alpari

Alpari is a forex broker which also provides forex signals for interested traders. The broker is known for providing analytical support and analysis through trusted sources. It sources its trading signals from autochartists. The brand behind the platform is reputable and meets the needs of different types of traders who prefer varied types of executions and tools. It also provides various contests and cashback options throughout the year. 

3. Zero to Hero

Zero to Hero is ideal for novice forex signal providers as it doesn’t require much training to get started. It produces 4 to 10 trading signals daily, sent via SMS, email, and Telegram.  Compared to other platforms, its monthly target of 300 pips is low. This is an indication that the signal provider doesn’t take huge risks. According to trade records, it has returned more than 90% in the past seven months of trading. 

4. SignalATM

SignalATM is a unique Marketplace for online traders and Signal Providers that provide Usable and Real-Time Trading Signals in Live Dynamic Markets. The Signals are timestamped and tracked live till their logical end. It is an essential Analytical Decision-Making Toolkit to help take a Trading position in the market. Many confuse it with a copy trading platform, but it is not. It provides a signal aggregation platform that ensures the high quality of the signals being produced. SignalATM provides trading signals for only FX as a market and 24 FX major currency pairs (Scrips). 

5. FX Trading Revolution

FX Trading Revolution is one of the most consistent FX signal providers, capable of generating great profits with controlled risk. It can produce a 60% to 75% winning ratio per trade. It can achieve this by using both fundamental and technical strategies to find and provide the best trading opportunities to its clients. It focuses more on essential and fundamental drivers, using a set of advanced parameters to gain an edge in the FX market. This way it can also avoid the day-to-day regular noises that tend to mislead many FX traders. 

6. Darwinex 

This is a service for traders to invest and swing coins on the best platforms. The platforms for free FX signals include Web, MT4, MT5, FIX, and others. There are such payment options as Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, UnionPay, and Trustly. The broker types include CFD, STP, and DMA. The terminals are Social Platform, MetaTrader, and others. The minimum deposit is 500$. You may use a demo version to understand the work of the platform.

Forex signals are used as suggestions to crypto traders. When using them, you can better understand what currency to choose and how to exchange it. The signals are provided by trading providers in the market. It is important to choose the best options for a good trade. You should also check how experienced the provider is. They should have a successful trading history within several months. The provider should be regulated by special services to offer better signals. It is also useful to read other people’s comments about the trader.

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