6 Best Treks in Canada to Consider On Your Next Trip

Cedric Okiorina’s travel habits have seen him traverse different continents, such as America, Australia, Europe, and Asia. He has been sharing his experiences in these destinations which have inspired many people across the globe. Having toured Canada, he recommends some of the best Canadian treks where you can get a completely new experience. You can find more about his travels at Below are some best treks in Canada to consider on your next trip:

1. Bruce Trail

It’s the most popular hiking trail in Canada that most people find unique and exciting. Bruce Trail runs approximately 900km and has some beautiful scenery. It starts from Niagara Escarpment and runs all the way up to the Georgian Bay. In between, you’ll come across lakeside cliffs, waterfalls, wood forests, etc. You need at least one month to traverse through the Bruce Trail.

2. East Coast Trail

It’s a popular hiking route located in Newfoundland & Labrador. The East Coast Trail runs for 265 km and is perfectly maintained. It provides some fantastic views of humongous whales, cute puffins, and unique lighthouses. 

3. Kettle Valley Rail Trail

The Kettle Valley Rail Trail has long been known to be the best bicycle route and trekking ground. It has been in existence for more than a century. Today, it’s among the best recreational routes in Canada. The Kettle Valley Rail Trail runs for approximately 600km via the Okanagan. It passes through 2 historical tunnels and at least 18 trestles. When trekking, you’ll come across beautiful lakeside views, particularly from Kelowna all the way to Penticton.

4. Rideau Trail

It runs for approximately 400km and has beautiful trails from Kingston to Ottawa. The Rideau Trail has amazing views of various historical sites, wood forests, vibrant birdlife, Canadian shield lakes, and many amazing towns. You need at least 2 weeks to traverse through the Rideau Trail. Cedric Okiorina recommends that people who want to have a great time on this trail should consider visiting during the autumn season where trees are steeped in fall colors. 

5. Confederation Trail

It’s located on Prince Edward Island. In the past, this was a railway line that was later changed to a recreational facility for cyclists and hikers. The confederation Trail has a flat topography, although there are some gentle parts on the island trail part. This trial has at least 1,600 geocache sites. The most amazing thing about this trail is that it’s covered by many towns with hospitality facilities.

6. The Great Divide Trail

This is another great trail that runs for approximately 1,200 km. The Great Divide Trail runs through BC and Alberta’s Rocky Mountains. This trail is a bit unique in that it’s suited to trekkers with lots of experience. The famous jumping-off points are Blairmore, Jasper, and Waterton towns. The trail’s highest and lowest points are approximately 1,500 meters apart. A lot of care is required here since the trail is rugged.

In conclusion, these are some of the best treks in Canada to consider on your next trip. You can also check out the Canol Heritage Trail, Waskahegan Trail, and Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail.

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