6 Canadian Businessmen to Follow on Twitter

Social media gives business people an excellent opportunity to interact with customers, employees, and competitors. Twitter, one of the widely used social media platforms with over 300 million users, is the most preferred by businesses.

When prominent business leaders engage in social media conversations, their presence motivates other people. The public gets updates on significant companies. People all over the world also get an opportunity to interact with big business people.

Twitter has given brands in Canada a more human touch. When people talk to the CEOs directly through replies, they feel good because of the attention, and they also feel free to ask questions regarding the business.

Canadian Businessmen to follow on Twitter

Canadian business leaders have learned the importance of having active social media accounts, and most of them have turned to Twitter. Let us look at some Canadian businessmen who should not miss your follow list on Twitter.

1. Eugene Melnyk

Born in May 1959, this Canadian businessman and philanthropist is the Chairman of the known National Hockey Team’s Ottawa Senators and Belleville Senators of AHL.

Before the senators, he was the founder, Chairman, and CEO of Biovail Corporation, a prominent pharmaceutical company in Canada.

Melnyk was ranked by the Canadian Business at 79th position, in their top 100 wealthiest people in Canada, in 2017. He purchased the Ottawa Senators in 2003 when the team was pronounced bankrupt.

By November, the Ottawa had worked so hard until they were featured by Forbes magazine, ranked at the 23rd position of the highest valued franchise.

Looking at Eugene Melnyk Twitter, he has over 24,000 followers and uses the handle @melnykeugene. This is the platform to give news about Ottawa and Belleville senators, their achievements and goals, and targets.

Melnyk also engages with team fans directly through comments and messages. Direct engagement with fans contributes to maintaining loyalty and support to the team.

2. Tobi Lütke, CEO, Shopify

At 40 years old, Tobi Lütke, a German-Canadian entrepreneur, is the founder and CEO of Shopify. Shopify is software that enables people to create a website. You can also use their shopping cart solutions to make sales, ship products, or manage them.

Tobi has been the CEO since 2004 and won the CEO of the Year award in 2014. He is worth billions of dollars. His Twitter account has over 171,000 followers, with his Twitter handle as @tobi.

This Canadian entrepreneur shares intuitions on what he pictures as the future of many Canadian businesses. He also gives the public an update on how Shopify is doing, its growth, and its achievements.

3. Brendan Shanahan

Brendan Shanahan, the president of the Toronto Maple Leafs, was born and bred in Canada in January 1969. This 51-year-old Canadian billionaire is the president of Toronto Maple Leafs, a prominent Canadian hockey team in Toronto.

The Maples have won the Stanley Cup, a championship trophy awarded to the National Hockey League’s best team annually, 13 times.

Shahan has won the Stanley Cup championships three times, and his name was included in the Greatest NHL Players in history in 2017. He retired from the NHL and became the president of the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2014.

Brendan joined Twitter in 2011, and his account has over 320,000 followers. He uses it to share news and updates about Toronto Maple Leaf. He is full of humor, and besides the serious business news of the Maple Leafs, he has also colored his Twitter wall with pictures and videos of his dog and funny video clips.

4. Ryan Holmes

Born in December 1974, Ryan Holmes became the founder and CEO of Hootsuite in 2008. Hootsuite is a social media platform that resembles a dashboard. It supports other social media networks like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and Instagram.

Holmes founded this platform in 2008, and he has been the CEO to date. Hootsuite has more than 18 million users.

Besides Hootsuite, Holmes is also the founder of the League of Innovators, a charity program to build entrepreneurial awareness. He also contributes to LinkedIn as an influencer to write about entrepreneurship and technology.

Holmes has a social media account, Twitter, with @invoker as his Twitter handle. He joined Twitter in 2007, and his account has grown to over 51,000 followers.

This Canadian billionaire uses his account to give his insights about the future of digital marketing, advising people on its benefits and challenges.

Ryan also talks about employment policies and management. Since he is the CEO of a social platform, his personal views and predictions for the future make sense to many.

5. Shahrzad Rafati CEO of BroadbandTV

Rafati was born in Iran but is now a citizen and resident of Canada. She became the founder and CEO of Broadband TV in the 2000s.

A broadband is an internet connection with a very high speed, enabling people to search and scroll on the internet. It resembles other internet connections like Wi-Fi.

Broadband is widely used by big entities, including the NBA, who upload video games for their fans to watch. This lady is passionate about job creation and creative thinking.

She joined Twitter in 2013 and has since drawn over 25,000 people. Her page is all about entrepreneurship and giving hope and advice to people who want to venture into the entrepreneurship world.

She uses a Twitter handle @shahrzadrafati, where she also shares views on social issues and impacts and the current trends in her business.

6. Kirstine Stewart, CSO, Diply

Before becoming the Head of Shaping the Future of Media at the World Economic Forum, Kirstine was the Head of English Language Services at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. She was also the vice president’s seat of media at Twitter.

She joined Diply as the chief strategy officer in September 2016. Diply is a social news and entertainment platform, which unites people with the content they love. It displays captivating videos and news and updates the audience with trending content.

Kirstine is very active on Twitter, and she shares her opinions on social issues. She created her account in 2011, and she has pulled over 40,000 people to her space. She is a strong feminist, another reason why she is popular among her followers.

Final Words

These prominent business people have made Twitter a safe space to teach business owners how to grow their businesses through social media. Engaging with people gives your business a more human side. When the CEO of a big company engages with other business leaders and customers, it adds charm to the company.

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