6 Common Forex Scams And How To Avoid It

The biggest opportunity in the world currently is Forex through which you can double your returns. It not only provides a guaranteed return but also helps to better your financial gains. Now, although most people have switched to the use of Forex still there are several risks in investments. One of these is the frequency of scams and fraud cases. Many traders believe that choosing the best Forex ea. is what you need to be concerned with. However, in reality, you also need to be fully assured that there are no scams involved. To help you out in identifying common scams in Forex, we have listed some of the most common ones in this article.

Signal seller scam 

Signal sellers are companies that offer proper suggestions related to the perfect time to sell and buy currencies. Most traders tend to utilize their payment options by getting help from these signal sellers. Normally, traders are needed to pay a certain amount of fee for this information as well. However, at times when these signal sellers benefit from possible gains without providing the information are considered scammers. 

Robot scam 

Not getting the entire working of Forex all at a go? Well, you might get a better understanding through the use of robots. In Forex robots help you automatically set the algorithm for the proper buying and selling of currencies. However several scammers are using fraud techniques through the use of these robots. If you ever use a robot without proper research it can even cost you money.

Broker scam 

At times scammers try to trick traders by representing themselves as brokers. These brokers even tend to use a specified authorization and registration number to trick people. This is the reason why you need to double-check the registration and then look forward to contacting you for details. Now, scammers might even try to reason out for these wrong numbers saying it is out of date. But you must properly identify before investment.

Pyramid scheme 

This scheme specifically focuses on recruiting members in groups of investment to offer data for Forex. In most cases, members who are involved in this scheme are charged per subscription to encourage the recruitment of more people. The name of this scheme is pyramid as you tend to move up when new recruiters join. Once a trader moves higher in the scheme they tend to earn more money. However, once the recruits stop joining or tend to drop off, leaders, in turn, choose to close the scheme and take the rest money.

Ponzi scheme 

This is a new scheme that many scammers are following to advertise forex funds that are completely non-existent and offer a much higher value. In these schemes, it is also promised that the investment is a single time one with promised returns over time. Additionally, they also encourage the investors to bring more family and friends into the business for better value. However, once enough people invest in it, the scammers take the entire money and vanish without any returns as such.

Tips to recognize a scam 

Some tips that might benefit you in understanding the early signs of scams in Forex are: 

  • Unsolicited offers: Traders are often contacted out of the blue for an investment opportunity. If you ever face this situation, do proper background research and back off. Try to never give your details as it could be a scam and you might lose money.  
  • Unrealistic returns: Are you promised to get very high returns on your investment? If yes, you might look for the details of the same and choose to opt out. This will help you to get better results. 
  • Instant time pressure: Scammers often tend to pressure traders to invest in instant trades by offering huge discounts. If you ever come across these types of brokers, be sure to never believe in their words. 
  • Innovative social media advertisements: Social media is the best way to connect with people from around the world. But now scammers have targeted to use of social media to advertise their services. In this advertisement, they tend to focus on terms that will instantly attract traders. At times images and videos are also used to make these advertisements up to the mark.

Lastly, if you have ever been scammed, try to contact your bank as soon as possible and work to cease the account details that you have used.

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