6 Common Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Injuries are usually classified as catastrophic, especially when they happen without warning and leave victims with long-term impacts and life-changing

Injuries are usually classified as catastrophic, especially when they happen without warning and leave victims with long-term impacts and life-changing consequences.

While many individuals think of amputations as the most common kind of catastrophic injury, there are other types and a lot of potential causes. Some of these include:

1. Severe Burns

Fourth and third-degree burns over a big part of your body are regarded as catastrophic. They affect the dermis, epidermis, organs, muscles, adipose tissue, and even the bones.

Victims may also suffer permanent scarring, nerve damage, chronic pain, impaired range of motion, and disfigurement. 

If these burns were caused by public utilities you really trust, you could enlist the help of a wildfire attorney. Your attorney will help you get compensation for your injuries, structural damage, lost profits, and loss of personal properties.

2. Spinal Cord and Neck Injuries

Injuries to your spinal cord are among the most common types of catastrophic injuries. Spinal cord and neck injuries are usually debilitating, leading to quadriplegia or paraplegia, leaving you with total or partial loss of your torso and limps.

Based on how serious spinal cord injuries are, lifetime and specialized care are usually necessary. Victims usually face serious emotional injuries, such as anxiety, stress, and PTSD, along with physical injuries, spinal cord, and neck injuries. Individuals suffering from these kinds of injuries normally need long-term:

  • Physical therapy
  • Medical care

3. Organ Damage

Significant organ damage might result from every kind of accident, including medical malpractice from nurses, doctors, and other healthcare experts.

When any of your organs get damaged, they will cease to work or function inappropriately, leading to death or requiring you to undergo surgery.

Internal injuries may damage your spleen, liver, kidneys, and lungs. This may result in a lifelong medical condition.

4. Brain Injuries

This is one of the devastating personal injuries resulting from various issues. Most victims suffer a long-lasting effect, which may seriously impair their capability to carry out their everyday activities as they usually would.

A traumatic brain injury can be categorized into two major types. This includes closed and open. Closed injuries happen when your brain moves and makes a great impact against your skull, whereas external effects on the skull cause open injuries.

Normally, the severity of these types of traumatic brain injuries depends on what led to those injuries and the way your brain got affected.

5. Bone Fractures

Serious bone fractures may arise from an auto accident. When your bones get subjected to stress or high impact, they may fracture.

Accidents in falls may lead to a lot of bone fractures, and there are a few kinds of bone fractures. For instance, compound fractures are one of the serious types of fractures, and they may cause your bone to puncture the skin.

You will need some kind of surgery to allow your surgeon to clean out those bone fractures and even set your bone properly.

Plus, you may need metal plates or screws so as to join your bones together. Based on your health status, bone fractures might take more time to heal.

6. Blunt Abdominal Trauma

This is one of the extremely serious catastrophic categories, leading to a vast of internal injuries.

Some of the injuries associated with blunt abdominal trauma may not be apparent right away, especially if you don’t have external wounds that increase the risks of permanent issues and complications.

According to experts, blunt abdominal trauma may happen in different kinds of accidents. These may include:

  • Traffic crashes
  • Falls

Final Say!

No amount of cash can ever feel like enough to compensate for catastrophic injuries. However, compensation might be necessary to cover property loss, structural damages, or injuries.

The best way to get a fair settlement and the right amount of compensation is to enlist the help of a reliable catastrophic lawyer.


Viral Rang
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