6 Entertaining Games to Play This Summer with Your Kids

The summer is one of the most exciting seasons. For years, people have taken the opportunity presented by this season to get active, visit beaches, and generally stay outdoors as much as they can. This summer, you have yet another chance to connect with your kids and bond over different games.

However, with the pandemic still looming over us, finding entertaining games to play with your kids and still stay safe can be a challenging endeavor. But it should not be that hard.

Below are some games your kids will find interesting.

Board Games

These are perhaps the most obvious games you can play. They are excellent indoor games that are easy to set up. Some of the board games you can involve your kids with include monopoly, scrabble, and checkers.

In places where movement is highly restricted, the games can act as a great distraction for your kids.

Balloon Games

Balloon games are fun because kids love balloons, and so do most people. Balloons are cheap and can be played in the house and in the yard.

One of the most common balloon games includes Keep the Balloon Up. To play this, inflate a balloon and slowly toss it towards another player. Everyone’s job will be to make sure that the balloon does not fall to the ground.

Hot Potato

Hot potato is a fun, fast-paced, and exciting game that will keep your kids giggling throughout. To play this game, get a softball or a bunch of socks made into a small ball. Now toss it to your one kid The point of the game is to spend as little time as possible with the ball.

A great variation for this game would be to use music. One of you will play the music as the ball is passed around like a hot potato and then abruptly switch off the music. The person left holding the “hot potato” when the music is off will be off the game and so on.

POGO Stick

The pogo stick is a highly involving game that encourages the players to be active throughout. You can easily involve your kids in the yard in places where movement is restricted and also involve other kids in a park.

It is a fun game for both younger children and adults. The sticks are designed with safety in mind with handles bars for holding onto and foot grips for a player’s feet. These offer great support as you and your kids hop around.

Nature Hunt

If your kids love exploring, then Nature Hunt is a great opportunity for them to play and learn at the same time. The game involves a chart with different insects and parts of nature which the children can tick off as they find them. The game can be played at the local park or even in your backyard.


Spud is best played by many kids. It is a fun and exciting game that requires not less than 3 kids. To play the game, each kid is assigned a number with the highest number being the maximum number of the kids. For example, if you have 7 kids in the play area, the numbers will run from 1-7.

One player is then assigned at “it” before being handed a ball. It could be any size of ball as long as they can throw it effectively. The player “it” picks the most central part of the play area and stands with one leg in front of the other. The other players will then walk towards the player and touch their foot at the inner part of “it’s” foot and then take three steps back.

Once every player is 3 steps back. The player with the ball “it” throws the ball straight in the air and calls a number of one of the players. Once the ball is in the air, the rest of the players run away until “it” gets the ball and the called number calls SPUD. The players then stop immediately and freeze. The player with the ball then takes four steps (S-P-U-D) towards any player and throws the ball towards them.

The player is not allowed to move their feet, but they can shimmy, sway and shift to avoid being hit. They can also catch the ball.

If they come into contact with the ball without catching it, they are assigned a letter from the word SPUD after which they become the next “it” and are responsible for throwing the ball in the air. If they catch the ball or miss, the thrower gets penalized with a letter and throws the ball again.

Any player who IS penalized with the full letters S-P-U-D is eliminated and can wait until the game is over to re-join.

There are different variations to this game depending on the number of kids around and the amount of time they have to play. All in all, the game is fun, harmless and encourages physical activity to keep children healthy.


Summers are a great time to bond with your family and friends. Even with the pandemic, it is still possible to involve your children in fun and entertaining games without risking anyone’s life.

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