6 Equipment That Beginners Need To Start Filmmaking

When it comes to film production it takes a lot of time and effort by the whole production team (director, actors, cameraman, and entire unit). It’s a very good thought to start your own film-making industry. As the thought revolves around your mind you have to get ready to implement it. For making anything equipment is necessary and the same is with film production. One of the most used equipment is an action camera for any film-making industry, you check for DJI Osmo action camera-Georges camera. There is various equipment which is essential for filmmaking without which producing film is quite impossible. Let’s have a look at some of this required equipments:


1- Camera:

To start your shooting process, the most important thing you need is a camera. It records and captures full HD video of high-quality. It is better to have a mirrorless camera while you are shooting. Many filmmakers ensure to use the tilt as well as swivel touchscreen camera which has the feature of shooting at every angle whether high, low and setting exact focus. We suggest the best option you choose for the camera is a PanasonicG85 and Panasonic G7.

2- Tripod:

It is another essential tool. It is known for capturing excellent image quality. A tripod with a rock-solid frame can provide better support, consistency, and gradually high focussed image quality. Tripod provides basic support to the camera for shooting at different angles and with dynamic effects.

3- Video camera:

There is an endless list of video cameras according to your film-making budget. It is the centerpiece for shooting your films. The selection process for video cameras depends on the type of film( stealth, static, run-and-gun) and the platform for showcasing your story( broadcast, web, or theatres, etc.) For simple recommendations, you can opt for Panasonic GH5 which can be easily afforded and which satisfies you with excellent image quality.

4- Light reflector:

It is the necessary equipment that must be present in your filmmaking kit. It is very common to enhance your ugly picture easily. Why can’t it be done here? Light reflectors provide your captured scenes with a golden and gorgeous look which will cut down your shooting time and give the right picture quality.

5- Lenses:

For shooting the entire film you have to take different shots at different angles and ultimately combine them. You have to make the right choice for selecting the lenses that can provide the filtered images. In the starting, you will have to take a basic lens and with the passage of time, you will become an expert in this field. Once you step into the film industry you will get various opportunities that will gradually polish your existing skills.

6- Computer and video editing software:

Once you are ready with your multiple shots it is time for selecting the best shots and arranging them according to the sequence. A computer is a basic necessity for everyone and everywhere. A computer helps you to edit your shot with a high-end picture graphic.


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