6 Essential Items for Beginners in Yoga

Yoga is by far one of the most popular and effective kinds of exercise one can indulge in. Apart from being a physical activity with numerous health benefits, yoga goes a long way in reconditioning the individual’s mental and emotional well-being, especially in combination with other practices such as meditation and deep breathing. It makes you happier, releases tension, gives you peace of mind, and boosts your concentration. However, the effectiveness of your yoga practice will largely depend on how equipped you are for the activity.

While more advanced yoga poses may require additional gear and equipment, there are some basic items that any yoga practitioner shouldn’t lack.

In this article, we’ll briefly explore 6 essential items every yoga beginner needs, with a larger bias on the ladies so let’s get down to business.

1- Pants or Shorts

Just like in any other exercise or physical activity, you’ll need comfortable clothing that allows for the utmost flexibility in yoga. Needless to mention, the bottoms are the most important pieces of attire. You can either go for yoga pants, leggings, or shorts. Regardless of what you choose, ensure that you pick the right fit. The pants should also be made from a material that is comfortable for you, a fabric that stretches to allow maximum flexibility. Most people prefer high-waisted yoga leggings made from a mix of cotton, lycra spandex, polyester, wool, and nylon. Stylish versions that make you look on fleek while working out are also available.

2- Sports Bra

Most of you ladies know how the bosom can get in the way of achieving maximum potential from your workouts. When you’re all active in a gym or exercise room, the recurrent bouncing and moving of the boobs can be a bit problematic, uncomfortable, or even painful. As you will discover from this article by expert reviewers, the best sports bra will keep your breasts held firmly in position while ensuring comfort and wicking out moisture as you work out. It should also be breathable, lightweight, and the right fit.

To all the sisters out there who want to have that hourglass shape, lifted butt, and firm “twins”, investing in a good sports bra will go a long way. Honestly, it would be so uncomfortable if you turned up for a yoga class and when switching positions, your two sisters tend to come out of the closet. A sports bra gives you the confidence to jump, flip, and roll without fear.

3- Yoga Mat

This is the “playground” where you do all your yoga poses. The best yoga mats provide a sticky surface that makes it comfortable to do your yoga without slipping. It also acts as a cushion so you don’t feel any harsh impact from the floor. When shopping for a yoga mat, some things you’ll want to consider include the length, traction, durability, material, and thickness. As much as you want to save a few bucks on your purchase, you don’t want to buy one that you’ll need to replace in a short while… go for quality!

Yoga Mat


Ever been in a baggy t-shirt, then when you bend down doing a pose, it covers your face? That is the kind of frustration you can cover by putting on a fairly-fitting top instead. If you tend to sweat a lot, you can get one or a few made from moisture-wicking fabric. While some people are comfortable working out with just a sports bra on top, some feel more energetic with a tank, fitting tee, or crop top. Just get something comfortable, something that brings out the best in you.

5- Hair Bands or Hair ties

When working out, it’s also good to ensure your hair is tied and secured. Yoga involves a lot of switching positions and hair coming to your face when working out can be a great distraction. Well, this applies to both men and women. As long as you have long hair, just tie it from the back and enjoy your sessions. A headband can also be put around the head to absorb the sweat while holding your hair in place.

6- Yoga socks

Unlike other sports where you work out with sneakers, yoga is mostly done barefoot. This is why for those who sweat a lot, it is advisable to put on some slip-resistant socks. They absorb the sweat so that it doesn’t get to the mat and cause you to slip.

Finally, you may also need a yoga instruction book, a DVD, or an online subscription. Considering that there are more than 2,000 different kinds of yoga poses, you’ll need all the information and guidance you can get as a beginner. Whether you or the person you’re gifting is a beginner in yoga, the above items are essentials you should know about.

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