6 Great Tips To Help You Spend A Healthy Summer

Yes! Summer has finally arrived! It is time for you to dig out your bikinis, whip out the BBQs, and jet off to some holiday destination where you can enjoy the sun, surf, and sand and relax on the beach. The problem is that summer also brings a horde of problems, which include hair, skin, and health.

Most of us tend to overdo the tan, forget the necessary diet and exercise for the summer, and are unable to resist the temptation of ice cream. The good news is that some simple tips can help you in having a fun and healthy summer. What are they? Read the list below:

1. Don’t go out without sunscreen

A sunscreen lotion of at least SPF 30 should always be applied to protect your screen from the sun’s harmful UV rays. A mineral-based sunscreen works best for sensitive skin. You can also minimize UV radiation by not sitting directly under the sun in the peak hours, which are between 10 am and 4 pm. Sunscreen needs to be applied every two to three hours if you plan to be in the sun for long.

2. Drink lots of water

Your body tends to get dehydrated during the hot summer months because of sweat and heat. Lack of water in the body causes harm and can also make you crave food even though you are not hungry. Therefore, you must keep yourself hydrated by drinking about eight to nine glasses of water every day. You can also drink coconut water, but soft drinks and alcohol are not good water alternatives.

3. Avoid ‘healthy’ smoothies

Fruit smoothies are great for replenishing the nutrients in your body and they also keep you refreshed in the heat. But, you should be on your guard for smoothies made of ice cream or frozen yogurt, which can be highly calorific. A healthy smoothie is one that’s made of ice, low-fat yogurt, juice, and fruit.

4. Don’t forget to exfoliate

There is an increase in dead skin cells in the summer so your skin needs to be exfoliated regularly to keep it silky and smooth. This doesn’t mean that you have to purchase expensive products to achieve the summer glow; you can make your exfoliation lotion with a handful of yogurt, milk, and oatmeal.

5. Maintain an exercise regimen

Just because temperatures are rising doesn’t mean that summer exercise should stop. You can simply stop going outdoors for your exercise and take it indoors. You can join a gym and take a class or you can also get some exercise DVDs and do your own thing at home.

6. It is time to get wet

Summer is the ideal time of the year for you to get wet. Take a swim at your local gym or pool. Begin swimming for 10 minutes and then increase the time gradually. This can become your workout because swimming is known to burn a lot of calories.

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