6 Handymen You Should Always Have on Speed Dial

Even though we are all perfectly capable of changing an old lightbulb or unclogging drains on our own, there are so many other issues we will most definitely face in our homes that we will need professional help with. That is why having these 6 handymen on speed dial is crucial.


Having a local plumber on speed dial is important for many reasons. Even though small leaks and clogged drains don’t require professional help, you will most definitely at one point face much bigger issues in your home that you won’t be able to fix on your own. As a matter of fact, for most piping-related waterworks, you will need assistance from an experienced plumber.

Years and years of practice and experience are what make them more suited to take care of any extensive damage in this apartment. They will make sure that the issues you are facing are permanently fixed and taken care of. Not only that, but they will also be able to give you professional advice and expert data such as plumbing quote examples, isometric drawings, and anything else you might need for the repairs or remodels you have planned.



Another very useful handy man to have on speed dial is a locksmith. There are many reasons you might need to call a locksmith. For instance, it is very common for people to accidentally lock their keys inside their home. That is when having a reliable locksmith on speed dial can be very useful. People also experience key or lock damage that they can’t fix on their own.

It’s not even that hard to find a locksmith who can be easily and quickly available whenever you need them. Googling a locksmith near me is usually all it takes to find a professional locksmith near you who could help you within minutes in case of a crisis.



Fixing faulty wiring or other electrical malfunctions in your house might seem simple and easy at first. However, this is something you shouldn’t be attempting to do on your own if you have no experience in this field. That is why keeping a reliable electrician on speed dial is of great importance.

If you’re not sure how to find a good electrician, try the following recommendations from someone whose opinion you trust enough. When you get in contact with the electrician that you were recommended, ask them to see their license and make sure you ask them about their professional history. Anyone who is a true professional in their field will be 100% upfront and honest about their work.



When people hear the word ‘carpenter’ they usually think of an old-timey profession that involves someone working their days away in a shed. They usually think of someone who builds handmade furniture and whatnot. This type of woodwork is still practiced today. However, a modern-day carpenter is a completely different thing and this handyman is essential to any property.

Carpenters are trained to deal with the construction, repair, and installation of any wooden structures of frameworks. This includes windows, walls, doors, floors, and many other types of frames. Their help is crucial when it comes to both indoor and outdoor renovations of any living quarters.


There are three different types of masons depending on the materials they work with block mason, stonemason, and brick mason (or bricklayers). In other words, masons typically work with concrete, brick, or natural stones in order to build walls, fences, or any other structures that you need.

If you plan on either renovating any of these on your property or building some anytime soon to raise your house’s market value, finding a professional and skilled mason who can do this job for you is crucial. First, think of the materials you want them to work with, and then find the most appropriate mason for your plans.


Lastly, if you own a home, then having a roofer on speed dial is necessary. Professional roofers are trained to install, replace, or repair the roof of any building. They work with various materials such as shingles, bitumen, and even metal sometimes. They have a highly complex set of tasks to do and you should never try accomplishing these on your own because it’s very dangerous if you’re not experienced in this field.

The roof is the part of a home’s exterior that is most often subjected to weather-related damages. That is why providing it with regular and appropriate upkeep is crucial if you want your house’s market value to go up. You need to make sure your roof is getting regular check-ups as well to prevent any extensive damage like leaks or mildew developing in the attic.



All things considered, having these 6 handymen available at all times in case you need professional help or simply advice from an expert can be very helpful. They will most definitely save you a lot of money and time by making sure that any issues you have are permanently fixed and taken care of.

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