6 Hot Tips for Building Your Brand and Making Good Impressions

Building your brand is an absolute must for any small business owner. Get some easy, actionable tips from our experts and advice on what programs to use.

Want to know how to build a successful brand that your customers love?

Building your brand is essential for you to stand out among your competitors.

But your brand image is the impression you make on your audience. It’s what they say “when you’re out of the room,” as quoted by Jeff Bezos.

It’s no secret that some brands earn respect and thrive in their industries while others fail and never get the chance to grow. The reason: they don’t know how to build their brand.

In this post, you’ll learn six hot tips on how to build your brand and how to create a good impression in the minds of your audience. Let’s get to it.

1. Establishing Your Business Owner Mindset

The first thing you need to do is to have a positive mindset. Positive thinking creates more opportunities and confidence.

A strong mindset pushes away negative thoughts when you’re not making headway. And the negative people that try to dissuade you from your business dream.

Having a business owner mindset is rooted in your value-based goals, the reasons why you decided to become a business owner rather than an employee working for a boss.

It drives your actions forward and motivates you to make other causes for your business.

2. Research Successful Companies in Your Niche

One mistake failing business owners make is not researching other companies. Sure they may look at their numbers and products but ignore their stories. Many of these stories come from studying the market at a deep level, not just on the surface.

Starbucks saw the need for customers to have a sense of community and they created it. They call it “a culture of warmth and belonging.”

They saw the market needed a place to meet, gather with friends, talk about ideas with colleagues, and have a great cup of coffee. Starbucks is just one example of many thriving businesses.

3. Build a Stellar Website

Your company website is your signature. It’s more than a place to plop your products and leave your contact information and shopping cart. It’s the key to building your brand.

Your website needs to be easy to navigate and built with a responsive design that looks attractive and displays well on any device.

Your website is the place where every lead and contact will go. Whether they’ve found you in search, by reading a blog post, or through one of your social media pages.

Optimize Your Website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To build your brand, you’ll need to optimize your website. SEO includes using high-performing targeted keywords on every page, placing keywords in titles, and subheads, and writing meta-descriptions.

It includes optimizing your image and videos with tags and alt-text since web crawlers can’t find images, only text. Other ways to help people find you in search engines include writing consistent long-form blog posts that you promote on social media.

4. Establish a Tone and Voice That Speaks to Your Audience

It’s essential to speak to your customers in a language they can understand. Make sure to establish a tone that resonates with them.

If you’re a mission-style business that does good for the planet, there are certain words and expressions to use to let your audience know you’re one of them.

If your target market is a highly exclusive group, you don’t want your marketing to sound too casual. You need to position yourself as the expert in your field who offers something for the elite, not available anywhere else. Think of Rolls Royce.

On the other hand, if your audience is busy moms who have to manage work, appealing to their frustrations and pains will let them know you’re in their corner and care.

5. Use the Right Tools and Save Time

Another tip for building your brand is to use the best tools for your business. Instead of spending hours trying to convert a pdf to jpeg format, find a tool that does it for you in a flash.

Especially if you’re a small business owner and don’t have the budget to hire staff with expertise in each area, having access to the right tools will enable you to spend more time developing new businesses. Rather than spending hours on tedious tasks.

6. Learn Where Your Audience Spends Their Time. Then Learn What They Care About

With the internet, it’s easy to find a group where your audience gathers. There are Facebook groups, Instagram, and many communities where you can find them.

Find out what they’re reading and learn what matters to them. In these groups, they discuss pain points, what products they’re looking for, and what they need in their lives.  You’ll discover their goals and learn how your product or services can provide value for them.

Make a Connection

Connecting with your audience will allow you to build trust. Don’t try to sell them right away. But don’t be a passive observer either.

Take time to build a relationship. Once you establish trust with your target market, they’ll trust you more than they would if you approached them with a hard-sell approach.

Once you make a connection, offer them one of your opt-ins. An opt-in is one of your marketing materials that’s a free giveaway like a piece of content that addresses their values or pain points. Here are some examples.

Opt-ins offer can offer solutions to the things that keep them up at night. Your content gift can be anything from a blog post to an infographic to a free mini-video seminar.

To provide them access, they’ll need to subscribe to your email list. Once you obtain their email address, you have a great opportunity to send them nurturing emails.

Building Your Brand Can Make Your Company Rich

Building your brand doesn’t happen overnight. But if you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way!

Looking for more advice to grow your small business? Explore more expert content on our blog.

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