6 Members Only Perks of Disney Vacation Packages

Almost 60 million people visit Orlando’s Disney World each calendar year. If you are planning a big Disney trip, you’re most likely looking at Disney vacation packages for you and your family.

There’s a lot to like about a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) membership. You get tons of awesome, exclusive benefits by purchasing one. You can also save tons of cash, and even pay for your membership outright if your party is big enough or if you go to Disney more than once a year.

In this article, we’ll tell you 6 reasons why you should consider purchasing a DVC membership. That way you can decide if doing so is right for you and your family or not.

1. Pass and Ticket Discounts

If you’re looking to sign up for a DVC membership, you can expect to earn a fair share of your money back on pass and ticket discounts.

How much money you can save depends on how often you’re going to the parks and how many tickets you need to purchase. With that in mind, you can save around 100 bucks per pass, which means that’s a $400 savings each time you visit the park as a family of four.

If you’re someone who goes to Disney more than once a year or has a large group to buy passes and tickets for, you can almost pay for your DVC membership outright.

So, sit down and do the math to get an idea of just how much you should be saving before deciding to avoid purchasing a DVC membership this year.

2. Early Access to the Parks

Are you someone who enjoys starting a day at Disney early? Do you want to see and do as much stuff as you can before the parks close? If so, you need to get a DVC membership just so you can have early access to the parks.

That’s right, DVC members are allowed to enter the parks a tad bit earlier than the general public. That means that you can beat the crowds and get in line for the most popular rides and attractions first, which of course is a good thing.

Parking at Disney? Do some research on DVC parking benefits and how they apply to you and your trip. You’ll most likely find that free parking is available to you, which of course is a nice DVC member bonus.

3. Pool Hopping

There are nine DVC resorts in Orlando alone. And while each resort is a wonderful place to stay, they all have their unique amenities.

When it comes to swimming pools, as a DVC member, you won’t be limited to the pool at the resort that you’re staying at. You can freely hop around from pool to pool, without any hassle, enjoying everything that every DVC resort has to offer.

4. Food and Board Discounts

Another area where you can expect to save some cash via your DVC membership is with food and board discounts.

Because let’s be honest, both food and board can be quite expensive when staying or eating at Disney. And while you’re still going to need to be smart, and budget wisely, you can save some extra cash with your DVC membership.

Depending on how often you’re staying in Disney, or how many people you need to feed, you could save a few hundred bucks, or even a thousand dollars, before it’s all said and done.

Again, we recommend that you sit down and do the math on your potential savings before deciding if a DVC membership is right for you.

5. Access to Lounges

Spending the entire day at Disney can be quite exhausting. This is especially true if you have younger people at your party or if you go during one of the hottest parts of the year.

The best way to recharge your batteries while at Disney, all while getting out of the heat? Spend an hour or two inside of one of Disney’s many DVC-exclusive lounges.

Withing these lounges, you’ll be able to rest up and get some food and drinks. That way, when you start to explore the parks again, you and your party will have enough energy to have as much fun as you want to have.

6. Moonlight Magic

Anyone who has ever spent a night inside a Disney park will tell you just how magical the experience can be after hours. Simply put, the parks are even more special at night, which means you need to factor that in when planning your next Disney vacation.

The best way to experience Disney at night? With a Moonlight Magic ticket. We’ll be honest, these tickets are tricky to secure, even with a DVC membership.

But is possible to snag some, and when you do, you’ll have what will likely end up being the highlight of your trip. With a Moonlight Magic ticket, you’ll get access to rare character meet and greets, dinner vouchers, and even unlimited ice cream bars.

Pretty awesome, right?

Still Not Sold on Disney Vacation Packages?

If you’re still not sure if Disney vacation packages are right for you and your family, take a second and calculate your potential savings. You may find that a Disney vacation for your family is cheaper after purchasing a DVC membership.

Those savings, plus all of the other benefits we’ve mentioned, are more than worth the time it takes to do some quick math.

Taking a trip soon? Looking for more vacation tips and tricks? Check back to our blog often for more useful information.

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