6 Most Effective Marketing Tools of the Digital Era

There’s no denying that the digital era has transformed the marketing world as we know it. The digital transition brought about by technological advancements has helped humanity make great strides, increasing the pace of development and innovation. Not all tools are the same, though, and there is no such thing as the perfect all-around tool for all business uses. Picking the right tool will take some research and background knowledge if you want to get it right.


In this article, we’ve gathered 6 of the most effective marketing tools of our digital era.

1. Social Media

Social Media Tools

Social media is becoming the latest battleground for digital marketing wars. As billions of people have access to social media, it’s only natural to tailor a social media marketing campaign to create the broadest net to attract your potential customers. Even though it’s a relatively new market, it’s proving to be quite effective in creating a name for your brand. Using social media for market research can inspire a lot of businesses to improve their products because they can utilize first-hand feedback from customers easily. As your business starts growing, having an online community that supports your brand will be a great aid in your scaling or expansion projects.


2. Sales Funnel Builder

A sales funnel is a very common strategy that’s used in both digital and conventional marketing. It refers to the process through which a company or brand finds, attracts, and sells its products or services to potential customers. The sales funnel builder is a great digital tool that automates the process of creating a sales funnel through various tactics and AI assistance. Choosing the right builder is quite important because it varies according to your needs. This thorough comparison from puts the two most popular tools against each other. You’ll be able to easily find the most suitable sales funnel builder for your business by analyzing both tools.


3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is considered one of the oldest forms of digital marketing and it has been used for decades to produce effective and budget-friendly marketing campaigns. This type of marketing is known for its direct effect on customers, making it easy to track the customer’s interest in your brand and products. You can use new digital tools that can make email marketing much easier, like autoresponders and segmentation tools. The automation of the process will make it less time-consuming and more effective at converting your prospects.


4. Pay-Per-Click Marketing

The pay-per-click marketing model has been around for some time; it’s one of the oldest forms of digital marketing. It is still quite in fashion thanks to its efficiency and direct approach to targeting potential customers. The modern algorithms that search engines use have made it much easier to find your audience and present your products/services to them. Usually, it’s recommended to use the services of a professional because setting up a PPC campaign can vary in difficulty according to the platform used. Your main focus will be on two platforms; Google Ads and Facebook ads for an inclusive experience. Creating this virtual demand will help notify customers of your services and get your name more familiar with the target audience.


5. Video Marketing

Video Marketing Tools

The rise of video content has caused a massive disruption in the digital marketing world. A lot of marketing agencies and brands are now going with video content instead of conventional context mediums. Whether you’re trying to promote a product, service, or reviews, using a platform like YouTube can bring you a huge audience, in addition to allowing you to make money from views. Google’s search engine now lists videos in the first page results, which can mean a huge boost to your numbers if you execute the campaign right. Your videos should always be helpful and straightforward if you want your target audience to stay loyal to your channel.


6. Podcasts

Podcasts are far from a new digital marketing medium, but their latest resurrection showed how effective they can be in marketing. The process of creating a podcast can be a bit more intricate than a conventional digital marketing campaign. Even though the process of creating a podcast is considerably harder than simply being interviewed on someone else’s podcast, it can be incredibly beneficial for those who want to build a loyal audience. If you don’t have the time or resources to create your own podcasts, then there is nothing wrong with going for interviews on popular ones.

Digital marketing tools were created to facilitate the success of business in the digital world, allowing them to maneuver obstacles that used to be very hard to navigate before the existence of these tools. There is no shortage of digital tools that will help you reach your target audience, but the real challenge is finding the ones that can do your business justice. Make sure you do your research and analyze your business needs to find the best tools for your marketing strategy.

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