6 Most Important Interior Design Trends for 2019

Your home’s design is one of the things that affect you the most. Why? Well, because it’s a place where you spend so much time that every single thing about it affects you. Sure, there are some things that actively make you happy or frustrated but even the smallest of elements have a way of affecting you on a subconscious level. In order to avoid missing out on an idea that would be a perfect fit for your home, here are the top six most important interior design trends that you need to look out for in 2019.

1. Outdoor furniture

The first concept that you need to consider is the use of outdoor furniture indoors. The reason for this is the fact that you can use this sturdy, simplistic furniture in order to create a rustic interior décor inside of your own home. Apart from this, the outdoor furniture is usually made from natural materials like wood, wicker, and metal, which means that they can help you bridge the gap between nature and present-day décor.

2. Timber clad pod

Speaking of natural materials, you need to bear in mind that wood is not reserved exclusively for the flooring. You see, painting your walls or covering it with wallpaper aren’t the only two options that you have. Instead, you can also timber-clad these walls in order to make them appear… well, more unique. Throughout this list, you’ll see that going more rustic seems to be the trend to follow in 2019 and by cladding your walls with wood, you’ll create an elegant and relaxing impression of a forest cottage.

3. Wood-look tiles for bathroom

The best thing about wood is the fact that it’s incredibly aesthetic and eco-friendly. Unfortunately, there are some areas of your home where the wooden floor isn’t the best of ideas. Your bathroom is the best example of this. You see, moisture and wood aren’t the most fortuitous of combinations, which is why you need to find a compromise. Sometimes the most obvious solution is the best one. What you need to do is look for bathroom tiles (by far, the most popular bathroom flooring option for a good reason) that look like wood.

4. Rustic farmhouse

Another flooring trend, this time within your own living room is the look of a rustic farmhouse that you can only achieve with hardwood. The biggest downside of this trend is the fact that hardwood tends to be incredibly expensive. Fortunately, you can go for laminate that looks like hardwood (a trick similar to the one used in the previous section). In order to add more character to the room, as well as to make your cold flooring option somewhat warmer, you can buy rugs online from retailers like Miss Amara. This way, you can create a rustic space within your urban home.

5. Floor-to-ceiling curtains

One of the ways to make the room appear taller is to invest in floor-to-ceiling curtains. This method, nonetheless, has numerous other benefits. First of all, it gives you more privacy by acting as a visual barrier and by making the place more sound-proof (and muffling the noises coming from the outside). Also, this is one of the simplest, most elegant and the most effective ways of adding some fabric to the room. The best thing here lies in the fact that you get so many benefits from implementing a single change.

6. Calming colors

In the past, bright, bold colors were one of the top trends used for interior design. As of lately, however, this view of interior design has changed. Nowadays, monochrome patterns of neutral, mild, calming colors are a far more popular option. This is due to the tendency to turn your home into an indoor oasis or an indoor mental getaway. Keep in mind that there’s still a lot of hues and nuances to choose from, which should, nonetheless, allow you to customize the place to your own liking. This is an opportunity that you can’t miss out on.


Designing your home according to the latest trends is an idea that’s both compelling and terrifying at the same time. On the one hand, you want your home to be up to date but, at the same time, there’s the fear present that it will all go out of fashion quite quickly. This is why we’ve compiled the list that contains some of the latest trends, as well as those that aren’t likely to go away anytime soon. Keep in mind that the list itself is far from complete and that you have the privilege of expanding it on your own.

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