6 New Cannabis Strains to Explore in 2022

Cannabis often takes a culinary type of approach, with scientists mixing together different types to create new flavors, also known as strains. There seem to be more stains than ever highlighting Indica, Sativa, or a hybrid of both. If you’re interested in some quirky cannabis strains you need to know in 2022, you’ve come to the right place!

How to Pick a Strain

Before selecting any one strain, be sure to consider all aspects. First, you’ll need to decide between the primary type of strain: Indica or Sativa.

Indica vs. Sativa

Indica: A whole-body experience, typically featuring feelings of calmness and relaxation. This strain can promote sleeping, anxiety reduction, and other full-body calmness.

Sativa: Focuses on the highs of the experience. Words to describe Sativa often include euphoric, energizing, all centralized in your head.

Desired Effects

From there, you can narrow down the specific feelings you’re looking for. For example, a strain with a promised euphoric effect may not be the best option for someone who’s looking for a bedtime aid.

Flavor Profile

Once you know what you want to feel, it’s time to narrow down your flavors and find something fun that works for you. Below is a mix of off-the-wall and classic flavors to try this year.


Like any hobbyist or even those who indulge from time to time, cannabis purchases can stack up quickly. It’s important to avoid over-spending for the sake of trying what everyone is talking about. Indulging from time to time can be a fun experience, but for the most part, be sure you stick to your budget. If you’re in need of advice on how to smoke without breaking the bank, check out this post from Veriheal.

Strains to Try in 2022

1. Blue Cheese

Starting off with a bang, we’ve got blue cheese. Despite the puzzling name, blue cheese is a hybrid, though it is more Indica-heavy. The primary attributes of the strain include a blissful combination of energy and relaxation, the perfect blend for a chill but productive day.

2. Walk On Water, Melon

This is a unique blend of two prominent strains from Binske. Including their already successful “Watermelon Zkittlez” and “Jesus OG” flavor profiles. Though the name is a play on the two strands coming together, the fruity notes make the entire process pleasurable. This one is known to have a super relaxing effect, causing most users to pass out after. With this, it’s best not to use Walk On Water, Melon for social hour and save it for a pre-sleep ritual.

3. Garlic Breath

No, this strain won’t give you garlic breath, but the name is important. Within this strain are a complementary combination of citrus and spice. This may not be the best option for new smokers as it can have a slight citrusy bite upon inhalation. However, if you can manage to get through it, you’ll find a nice wave of calmness on the other side. Though beware – Garlic Breath has a higher THC content, so be sure to watch your intake.

4. Peanut Butter Breath

Sticking with the breath theme is peanut butter breath. Peanut Butter Breath is perfect for food lovers. While it’s not exactly like licking a spoon, you’ll certainly catch notes of that nutty taste. If you’re looking for something that can make you feel good while giving you a familiar taste, Peanut Butter Breath can be a perfect choice!

5. Apples and Bananas

Few strains are as self-explanatory as this Apples and Bananas one from Cookies. If you love sweet notes, primarily fruity ones, this can be a perfect choice. This is truly a unique flavor profile and allows for an enjoyable experience from start to finish.

6. Girl Scout Cookies

A classic, Girl Scout Cookies continues to rise in popularity. If you want to try something fun in 2022 and hasn’t had a chance to try Girl Scout Cookies, start here! The subtle but comforting flavor makes this perfect for just about everyone. Girl Scout Cookies may be particularly good for soothing anxieties and nerves as well as promoting pain-free bliss. Remember that this strain is a hybrid, so don’t overdo it, or you may find the effects don’t match your desires.


If you’re an enthusiastic cannabis consumer, one of the highlights is trying different strains from time to time. Because things are always changing, it’s important to stay up-to-date on what’s new and approved, as you never know what your new favorite will be.

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