6 Secrets To Wear Your Clothes to Be Fashionable

Ready to have fun with the oversize trend? Buying online has revolutionized fashion. It’s called boyfriend style and is one of the strongest trends of ‘ autumn-winter 2019: wear oversized clothes – why not,’ stolen ‘ from his wardrobe – which if well matched are perfect even in the office as well in free time.

You just have to pay attention to the balance of the outfit because it does not look unkempt! From the outerwear to the jacket-pants pair, we reveal the 6 hottest items of the moment and how to combine them stylishly!

The Coat

It can be classic in wool or knit. The coat, since it is already visually predominant – especially if oversized – should be “dosed” in a balanced manner with the rest of the outfit, which on the whole should be dry and mostly slim.

You can wear it in a casual version with skinny or boot-cut jeans and a thin round neck sweater, or more elegant with cropped pants or straight-line cigarette pants.

The extra advice! Choose it along the ankle.


At least one in the closet should have it, whether it’s a round neck, a turtleneck, or a cardigan! The maxi-pull always works with jeans – in this case, it completes the outfit with a wide-brimmed hat to make it less banal – and with skirts of any length.

The coolest pairings of the moment! Mix with the pleated skirt or all-over lace for a contrasting game between sporty and bon ton style, irreverent! Or the combination with the suede or leather skirt for a fresh and sensual look is necessary. If your height is minute opt for the mini version or otherwise long to the ground.

Ladies Black Watch Tartan Trousers

These girls’ black tartan pants can be described as diverse and exciting. These pants can be changed to nighttime Chic from day fashion. They’re a versatile, stylish, and powerful mix to produce a statement. The ideal addition to your wardrobe is a capsule.


A very versatile and trendy item! The sweatshirt is an oversized version that recreates the same effect as the sweater but adds a more casual touch. Combine it with the leggings leather for a rock result in the jeans for an easy look, or opt for the velvet palazzo pants, a skirt with sequins, a pencil skirt, or a mini suede as does Kendall Jenner!

The result will be irresistible. The very young can also wear it on their own – as long as it is long enough – like a mini dress to be completed with a pair of sneakers.

The Jeans

The oversized jeans for girls are paired very carefully to prevent the look that appears uncared for and sought after. A solution to wear them in a very chic way is with a wool or bouclé jacket with a bon ton flavor, Chanel style, which immediately pulls out the outfit and creates a nice contrast.

An alternative to the jacket! A feminine top, a tight body, or even a sophisticated shirt with a sweater! Finally, to remove a further casual touch, complete with a pair of stiletto pumps and velvet or fancy ankle boots.

Velvet Pants

In addition to being very comfortable, the velvet palazzo pants – the coolest fabric of the moment – are very sophisticated.

Wear them with a slim crewneck sweater and sneakers for a casual-chic result, combine them with a coordinated blazer, a top with thin straps, and a pair of leather ankle boots, for an elegant and refined total look, perfect all day long from the morning to the office in the evening for an elegant occasion.

The Men’s Trouser Jacket Suit

You probably never thought about an oversized suit, but it could be a different and very stylish choice. It can be a valid alternative to the classic pair of jacket pants. Osalo in Tartan fantasy opts for a broken one.

The mold is certainly masculine, but worn with shoes with heels immediately recovers femininity!

In our gallery, you will find many useful ideas to replicate the ‘ boyfriend ‘ style. And you will only have to peek in your closet!

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