6 Simple DIY Dorm Room Decorations

We all know the feeling – moving into a dorm room for the first time, and it’s a bit drab. It doesn’t reflect you or your tastes.

You want to give it a bit of color and energy, some sense of you belonging there, but it’s also got to be simple and not wreck your wallpaper!

Here are a few things you could try out to brighten up your space a bit.

1- A Picture Wall

What better way to start your room personalization than by adding a few snaps of special moments? “If you’ve got a couple of tacks in the wall, this is a super easy one, and will let you surround yourself with the faces of loved ones – always nice if you’re away from home in a strange place,” recommends Kate T. Hopper, a lifestyle blogger at Research Paper Service and Essayroo.

Step 1: Get some string or colored ribbon, and knot it around the tacks in your wall, making sure it’s nice and tight so it doesn’t fall down.

Step 2: Print out a few pictures of your favorite moments, or grab a couple of pretty birthday cards and choose how you want to arrange them.

Step 3: Use clothes pegs to pin your cards to your string, spacing them out or bunching them together to get a nice casual effect.

The best part about this decoration is you can always swap the pictures around or add new ones when you feel like a change!

2- Rainbow Floor Cushions

If you’re looking for a more involved project and you’re handy with a needle, this could be the one for you. You just need some scraps of fabric, scissors, thread, and a bit of stuffing, and you’re set to go!

Step 1: Cut half of your fabric into strips and pin these into a circle, then sew them together.

Step 2: Do the same with the other half, so you have two circles.

Step 3: Stitch the circles together, adding the stuffing before you finish, to make a beautiful and unique floor cushion – perfect for when you’re entertaining new friends.

3- Stylish Message Board

“Everyone needs a bit of organization in their lives, so why not try out a super stylish glass message board to put your reminders on? You need a piece of glass, some colored tape, and a dry erase marker for this one,” says Hilda C. White, DIY writer at Professional Essay Service and UKWritings.

Step 1: Use your tape to mark out a pretty frame on the glass. Get experimental with colors and designs, finding one you like.

Step 2: Put your board somewhere it won’t fall and break, and get working on those reminders!

4- Floral Quotes

Quotes are a great way to add your fingerprint to your room, and if you’re feeling a little flowery, grab some faux flowers, some wire, and a bit of tape, and get going!

Step 1: Shape the wire into the words of the quote.

Step 2: Arrange the flowers and, when you’re satisfied with their layout, tape them in place.

Hey, presto! Beautiful and personal art.

5- Otherworldly Photo Frame

To add a touch of the extraterrestrial to your room, how about upcycling an old photo frame? You could do this with pretty much any frame, provided it has a border.

Step 1: Find a starry printout you like, and print yourself a generous piece.

Step 2: Measure up your frame, and cut your printout to size, with the center cut out for the photo.

Step 3: Glue the printout onto the frame, and slip your favorite picture in!

6- Tasteful Tealights

For a little bit of ambiance and relaxation, consider upcycling a small glass jar into a pretty tealight holder.

Step 1: Wash and dry your jar.

Step 2: Choose a colorful, semi-transparent paper or fabric and wrap your jar in it, making sure it’s smooth, with no bumps.

Step 3: Add a battery-operated tealight for safety.

With these simple crafts, you can have your dorm room glowing with personality and creativity in no time.

Creative Lighting

As an old saying goes, a room needs lighting just as you and this goes perfectly with your dorm room as well. Having a slow and dim light in your sleeping room is a must as it helps you relax while you are trying to doze off.

Volta levitating light bulb from Floately will be the perfect lighting equipment for your dorm room. Durable, with warm soothing, LED light, Volta is based on levitation technology which allows it to levitate and spin with elegant grace, keeping you at peace and mesmerized.


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