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6 Simple DIY Dorm Room Decorations

We all know the feeling – moving into a dorm room for the first time, and it’s a bit drab. It doesn’t reflect you or your tastes. You want to give it a bit of color and energy, some sense of you belonging there, but it’s also got to be simple and not wreck your wallpaper! Here are a few things you could try out to brighten up your space a bit.

DIY Dorm Room Decorations


  1. A Picture Wall

What better way to start your room personalization than by adding a few snaps of special moments? “If you’ve got a couple of tacks in the wall, this is a super easy one, and will let you surround yourself with the faces of loved ones – always nice if you’re away from home in a strange place,” recommends Kate T. Hopper, a lifestyle blogger at Research Paper Service and Essayroo.

Step 1: Get some string or colored ribbon, and knot it around the tacks in your wall, making sure it’s nice and tight so it doesn’t fall down.

Step 2: Print out a few pictures of your favorite moments, or grab a couple of pretty birthday cards and choose how you want to arrange them.

Step 3: Use clothes pegs to pin your cards to your string, spacing them out or bunching them together to get a nice casual effect.

The best part about this decoration is you can always swap the pictures around or add new ones when you feel like a change!


  1. Rainbow Floor Cushions

If you’re looking for a more involved project and you’re handy with a needle, this could be the one for you. You just need some scraps of fabric, scissors, thread, a bit of stuffing, and you’re set to go!

Step 1: Cut half of your fabric into strips and pin these into a circle, then sew them together.

Step 2: Do the same with the other half, so you have two circles.

Step 3: Stitch the circles together, adding the stuffing before you finish, to make a beautiful and unique floor cushion – perfect for when you’re entertaining new friends.


  1. Stylish Message Board

“Everyone needs a bit of organization in their lives, so why not try out a super stylish glass message board to put your reminders on? You need a piece of glass, some colored tape, and a dry erase marker for this one,” says Hilda C. White, DIY writer at Professional Essay Service and UKWritings.

Step 1: Use your tape to mark out a pretty frame on the glass. Get experimental with colors and designs, finding one you like.

Step 2: Put your board somewhere it won’t fall and break, and get working on those reminders!


  1. Floral Quotes

            Quotes are a great way to add your fingerprint to your room, and if you’re feeling a little flowery, grab some faux flowers, some wire, and a bit of tape, and get going!

Step 1: Shape the wire into the words of the quote.

Step 2: Arrange the flowers and, when you’re satisfied with their layout, tape them in place.

Hey, presto! Beautiful and personal art.


  1. Otherworldly Photo Frame

To add a touch of the extraterrestrial to your room, how about upcycling an old photo frame? You could do this with pretty much any frame, provided it has a border.

Step 1: Find a starry printout you like, and print yourself a generous piece.

Step 2: Measure up your frame, and cut your printout to size, with the center cut out for the photo.

Step 3: Glue the printout onto the frame, and slip your favorite picture in!


  1. Tasteful Tealights

For a little bit of ambiance and relaxation, consider upcycling a small glass jar into a pretty tealight holder.

Step 1: Wash and dry your jar.

Step 2: Choose a colorful, semi-transparent paper or fabric and wrap your jar in it, making sure it’s smooth, with no bumps.

Step 3: Add a battery-operated tealight for safety.


With these simple crafts, you can have your dorm room glowing with personality and creativity in no time.


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Chloe Bennet is a interior designer and blogger at Write My Papers and Paper Fellows portals. She enjoys discovering new trends and all things DIY. Also, Chloe teaches academic writing at OX Essays

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