6 Small Business SEO Tips for Time-Strapped Entrepreneurs

Search engine optimization is one of the tools small companies can use to fight larger competitors. Today we are going to discuss some small business SEO tips for time-strapped entrepreneurs.

This will help you avoid common SEO mistakes, and push your business to the top of the search results, where people will notice your products and services.

What Does SEO for Small Businesses Include

Search engine optimization, or SEO in short, is a process that allows you to optimize your website and content for search engines.

However, according to specialists from Digital Media, an SEO company from NYC, SEO doesn’t just optimize your content for the search engines, but also for people who are looking to find your brand as well.

So, what SEO activities are the best for small businesses? There are quite a lot of SEO activities, but let’s mention some of the most important ones:

  • Keyword research – having the right keywords in your text makes it easier to be seen online. For example, if the topic of your website is about digital marketing, you shouldn’t include keywords about plants. Instead, try to find keywords related to digital marketing, with a high search volume.
  • Creating content – to implement keywords, you need to have high-quality content, with the relevant data included, to keep the topic interesting, and to attract and keep more website visitors.
  • Promoting content – creating content is not enough these days. You need to use different means of marketing to make it seen, such as social media, for instance.
  • Link management – all that relevant data we had mentioned before has to come from somewhere. It is best to use trusted links to present statistics. Also, managing to get backlinks from high-quality websites is important for your search rankings.
  • User interface and user-experience optimization – no one likes browsing on sluggish websites, so performance optimization is also necessary since it improves user experience.
  • Local optimization – if your business is situated in one specific area, it is a good idea to optimize your website to be seen in local searches.

To successfully perform all these activities, and increase your search ranking, there are a lot of free SEO tools available on the market.

Why Is SEO Important for Small Companies

Why Is SEO Important for Small Companies

Search engine optimization is an immensely important activity for small companies, and these are the most important reasons for that:

  • SEO will bring you more website visitors – SEO’s main goal is to boost the number of visitors to your website, which increases brand awareness, and that is really important for newly-established brands.
  • Potential customers will trust you more – the most trusted websites are shown in the first two pages of Google search results. Therefore, if you want to earn the people’s trust, and increase your credibility, you have to be on the first two pages. And the best way to do that is to do SEO.
  • Costs will drop – the effects of SEO are long-lasting, which makes it cheaper than paid ads, which will reduce overall costs.
  • SEO is crucial for mobile optimization – more than half of all searches nowadays are done via mobile phones. Since they have smaller screens, SEO is crucial for mobile optimization, in order to get the best possible position in the search results.
  • It is essential for modern marketing – crucial marketing activities are done via the Internet because it is, by far, the best source of new clients. Therefore, an online presence is a must for every serious business.

SEO Tips for Entrepreneurs and Small Companies

1. Technical SEO Is Quite Important

Technical optimization requires you to optimize the very core structure of all the pages on your website, so the site could be indexed properly.

What that actually means is that you should think about improving your website’s performance, having trusted and working links, as well as including a proper safety system, so your potential customers always feel safe, while browsing your website.

Thing is, no matter if your content is amazing, if the performance of your website is bad, not a lot of people will stay because no one likes to browse slow and insecure sites.

2. Conduct Local SEO

If your business is based in a specific region, or city, local optimization is a good way to be seen online because more than 33% of all searches are linked to certain locations.

Local SEO includes finding the best local keywords, reaching out to the local audience, and optimizing the user experience for them.

3. Find the highly-searched Keywords

The best keywords to use in an SEO process are those with a high search volume. When a keyword has a high search volume, it means that it is often used in Google searches.

Therefore, in order to get in front of your competitors, one of the first steps is to find keywords related to your business that often appear in the search results.

4. Do Onsite Optimization

After you find the right keywords, proper onsite optimization is necessary, which includes the optimization of page headlines, titles, writing catchy descriptions, as well as trying to implement previously found keywords.

However, one mistake to avoid is not to use keywords unnaturally. They need to feel genuine and natural when you read the sentence, not forced.

5. Promote your Content

Promote your Content

Having good and optimized content doesn’t mean you have successfully completed the SEO process. It is also quite important to promote what you had created.

This can be done by using different templates for certain types of on-page content, such as articles, pricing information, and comparison tables.

Also, videos are a great help, when it comes to the search rankings, especially if they are of the highest possible quality.

Last, but not least, using social media platforms as some of the most important marketing channels is crucial nowadays since almost everyone is present on at least one social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

6. Acquire Backlinks to Increase your Authority

Link building is an important SEO activity because it can increase your domain and page authority, and with that, your ranking in the search engines. It includes reaching out to other content creators and websites and trying to get them to link to one of your pages, or even include your home page in references. There are several tactics to do this, but the most common is guest posting, where you reach out to other websites’ owners and ask to write a guest post, where you would link one of your pages.

Apart from that, there are more hostile approaches, such as if you find out that someone has used the content from your website, for instance, a photo, without linking it, you can force them to do so.


These were the top 6 SEO tips for small businesses that should help you increase your search ranking and be seen online.

All in all, even though the SEO process can sometimes be tough, it is still a great way to increase your brand awareness and get more potential customers.

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