6 Surprising Ideas for a Mother’s Day 2021

Mom is your dearest, closest person, so it’s a good idea to surprise her for Mother’s Day. You can even manage to do it having only one or two days left before the celebration and a small amount of money. 

The most important thing is to be creative! You can make a congratulatory video or beautifully decorate her room with special Mylar balloons like these while she’s at work.

We’ve picked up 6 top ideas for you to make a pleasant surprise that your mom will remember for a long time.

6 Surprising Ideas for a Mother’s Day 2021

1- Decorate a room or the whole house

The main thing is to make it a surprise! Find the right time and go ahead:

  • Balloons are the most inexpensive, easy, and relatively quick way to decorate a room or house. Create a balloon panel from latex balloons, and make a congratulation in the center of it (use letter balloons).
  • Also, you can beautifully decorate the head of her bed with branded Mother’s Day Mylar and foil balloons (you can always find the colors, shapes, and inscriptions you need). It’s a good idea to make a balloon arch to decorate the entrance to the house, hang balloon garlands in the rooms, decorate the stair railings with garlands, and tie some beautiful transparent balloons filled with confetti above the table.
  • Flowers and greenery allow you to create very beautiful and fragrant decorations! You can either mix them with balloons or use them alone: the main thing is to choose the right color combinations.
  • Draperies: you can use satin or velvet to decorate a festive table and chairs, the door to your mother’s room, walls, and even the ceiling.
  • Garlands: you can manage to make a few bright paper garlands in a couple of hours, and they will immediately make the interior look more festive!

2- Read a poem out loud or sing a song

Inviting relatives and friends is quite a good tradition; however, there is always a place for pleasant surprises.

Show the guests that you’ve got a talent: read your mom a poem out loud, sing a song (pick something that she likes), or say a unique congratulations that will impress both your mom and the guests.

3- Create a “Memory Box”

Ask all your mom’s friends and acquaintances to write small notes or postcards with congratulations, warm words of gratitude, or touching stories that she will be glad to recall. You can also make your own postcards online and make them an even more special gift. Put all the congrats in a beautiful handmade box.

4- Make a congratulatory video

If possible, make a congratulatory video with your mother’s friends and relatives and edit it if necessary. All mother’s friends, colleagues, and relatives should say something pleasant about her and wish her a happy Mother’s Day.

When all the guests gather at the festive table, play your short movie. Believe us, both your mother and all the “actors” will have some positive emotions!

5- Order a photoshoot

This is a rather unexpected gift idea, but if your mom doesn’t mind transforming it into some kind of image or just wants to have some beautiful professional photos with her family, then this is the surprise idea you are looking for!

Take a series of great shots in blooming groves or parks yourself or hire a photographer and give your mom unforgettable memories!

6- Create a quest

Invite your mother to a restaurant, where the set table and all the guests will be waiting for her. When preparing such a gift, just give your mom a hint that you’ve got something special for her, but do not tell her what it will be.

At the appointed hour, send a courier with a letter to your mom’s house. The letter should tell her that everyone is waiting for her in a special place. Ask her to look out of the window, where she will see chalk arrows, showing directions. Do you see where we are going with this?

Then, you can come up with some more interesting tasks. At the end of the trip, your mom should find herself in a restaurant, where her dearest people will meet her!

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