6 Things to Avoid for a Stress-Free Travel Experience

Traveling is one of the best ways to improve your mood and recharge your batteries, but did you know that sometimes, your trip can be so bad that it makes your stress explode? There are various mistakes people make when organizing and executing their travel, and we will make sure that you don’t repeat them. Here are just a few common mistakes you should avoid if you want your trip to be relaxing instead of stressful:

Getting the cheapest option

Like with everything in life, money in travel is a huge element. While there are some great deals you can dig out, if you just want to book your trip and enjoy yourself, it’s safe to say that you should avoid the cheapest option. For instance, many of the cheapest flight options will limit your luggage or force you to comply with strict no-change policies and cancellation fees. It’s the same with the cheapest accommodation. It will save you money, but the stress of sleeping in a noisy hostel with pests and no breakfast option will definitely ruin your trip.

Not checking your documents

When traveling, especially outside your country, you need to have your passport and visa ready. And most of all, they both need to be valid and not very close to their expiration date. On average, a passport has an expiration date of 10 years, so act early and renew your passport in advance. If you fail to do that, you risk a lot of issues on any border, even more, if you’re planning to travel for a longer time. And if you already booked all your accommodation and flights, drama at the border will definitely cause some stress you don’t need in your life.

Being late

Some people simply have a “late bone” in their body and can’t be anywhere on time if their life depended on it. However, if you know you struggle with being on time, make sure to start your journey to the airport as early as possible. The plane waits for no one and running to the gates and terminals is not fun for your nerves. In many cases, two hours before your flight will not cut it if you consider the check-in counter wait, TSA, immigration, and gates. Just to be safe, get to the airport three hours earlier and you will get to avoid a lot of stress. 

Not caring about luggage

Do you have the strength to carry around two suitcases and a backpack? Can you afford to lose all your precious clothing and electronics? Well, then it’s crucial to be careful with your luggage, pack light and keep it protected. Firstly, try to pack light, and don’t bother with packing 5 pairs of heels or 5 different ties for a weekend getaway–you won’t even wear one!

Having to drag suitcases behind, especially in less accessible areas, will boost your stress for no reason. Also, make sure to equip your suitcases and bags with smart luggage locator tags that will help you get your lost luggage back in no time. This is a great tool for all frequent travelers with valuables in their bags (and those with anxiety to leave their bags unattended). 

Neglecting your health

It’s more important than ever to keep your health your priority when traveling. We live in a time of pandemics and wars, so staying healthy should be on top of your mind all the time, from the time you start packing to the time you return home. When packing, make sure to pack all the necessary medication for your trip, even include some extra meds in case you need to stay in your destination for longer.

While you can most probably find painkillers and anti-allergy meds to buy whenever you’re going, it’s not smart to play with prescription meds. Having only two or three pills left with five days of travel in front of you will definitely boost your stress. Also, make sure to take it easy when scheduling your activities and leave plenty of time for rest. 

Not informing people about your trip

Please, make sure people know you’re going on your trip, at least your closest family, friends, and business associates. This way, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary interruptions and expensive phone calls. It’s crucial to also let your bank and credit card company know if you will be visiting a foreign nation or state. This will stop any sudden card declines or fraud notifications that could be annoying and stressful during your travel. 

If you can avoid these aforementioned trip-traps, travel stress won’t be able to reach you. All in all, keep your trips simple and your mind open, and you’ll get to enjoy traveling without stress. Safe travels!

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