6 Things You’ll Learn from a Pro Basketball Player

When you compare how a regular basketball player plays the game to how a professional does, you’ll find that the professional player pays attention to a lot of details that the regular basketball player doesn’t usually focus on. Small details can have a significant impact on your performance as they all serve to boost the quality of your game. Seeing what professional basketball players do to improve can be very advantageous for regular players, as the strategies they use can be easily implemented. 


Here are 6 things you can learn from the pros.

1. Use Your Less Dominant Hand

You’ll notice that pros generally don’t avoid using their less dominant hand because of how much they’ve trained themselves to use it in different situations. If you find yourself primarily using your ‘strong’ hand and avoid using your ‘weak’ hand while dribbling or going for a lay-up, then consider looking into different practices you can do to improve your control and become more ambidextrous. Unlocking the ability to control the ball perfectly with both hands will grant you the ability to dribble a lot easier, prevent any turnovers, and score a lot more points.


2. Shooting is Primarily Muscle Memory

Pros spend a lot of time on the court alone, shooting from the same spot a thousand times to train their muscle memory so that they can perfect the shot from that specific distance. Once they feel comfortable in one spot, they move on to the next and do the same thing a thousand more times. The average professional devotes a lot more time to shooting practice than your regular Joe, even if it’s not part of their regular team practice. They simply pick up a ball and shoot for an hour or two a week to increase their accuracy. A lot of coaches will avoid shooting practice for their team as they view it as an individual practice that a player does on their own time, but many players don’t devote the time to it.


3. Your Jump Needs Training

Jump Needs Training Basketball Player

The height pros can achieve an incredible jump in comparison to regular players. Achieving this height in their jumps is a matter of training your muscles to jump higher. Much like dribbling and shooting, jumping is a necessary skill to train to achieve massive heights for rebounds, lay-ups, and dunks. Finding good tips and tricks to help you improve your vertical leap isn’t hard at all. You’re bound to find references online that can help you with this, and when you find the right one, go to this site so that you can find all the useful details that talk about every aspect of jumping in depth. Once you’ve done your research, it’s only a matter of implementing what you learned on the court. Learning all the information you need to improve won’t help you without you getting out there and practicing until your body has got it down.


4. Understand Your Role in the Game

A game of basketball in the eyes of a professional is a game that requires an intense amount of strategy. That means you need to maneuver as a part of a team and not just an individual player. Every player has a specific role to fill, which the coach instructs, and ultimately, the team functions best when all the players perform their roles to the best of their ability. Observing a professional player who plays the same role as you can be very insightful, as you can learn important aspects of what your role entails. Prioritize teamwork as basketball is a 5-on-5 game, and teams that use that to their advantage often end up winning.


5. Stamina is Vital During a Game

Finding yourself out of breath after racing up and down the court a few times can put a huge dent in your team’s ability to score or defend, as you’ll be too tired to play at your best. Building your stamina to last through your time on the court can help you stay at your best without experiencing fatigue.


6. Defense is Very Important

Having the ability to score a lot of points doesn’t make you the best as you have to defend with just as much relentlessness. Protecting your basket is half the journey toward winning, so never underestimate its importance. The great Michael Jordan would race back and defend with as much intensity as he put on his offense.


Pros are capable of teaching you so much about the game, both on and off the court. There are many routines and healthy habits they utilize to improve their body’s capabilities while also devoting a large chunk of their time to practice. One of the most important things a professional player will say to a novice looking to improve is to simply show devotion, persistence, and commitment to improving. Becoming a pro in basketball doesn’t happen overnight, so you need to be in it for the long haul.

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