6 Tips In Looking For A Cheap Airport Parking

Everyone has a packed life that leaves no room for unwinding, so it’s inevitable that whenever there’s a chance, taking some time off for a vacation is a necessity. If you’re a family or group of friends with a bunch of suitcases and carry-ons, it’s going to always be easier to get to the airport via a private car.

Cheap Airport Parking

Airport parking can be expensive, and you sure would rather spend more money on having a good time than on airport parking. Some types of parking offer you different benefits – the same idea as flying first class – so these benefits aren’t for free. But you don’t always have to opt for special benefits and amenities to get a good deal and still make sure your car is in a safe place.

Different types of airport parking 

Basically, there are three different options; short, medium, and long stay. Short and medium stay is very much the same and runs more expensive. Long-term parking often means parking farther away from the airport. In that case, you will probably want to search for a parking lot that offers a shuttle service. Long-stay car parks within the airport’s perimeter are usually run by the airport or contracted out to a secondary firm. Since it’s the most convenient, short-stay parking is the most expensive. Having said that, you still could find long-stay parking lots willing to give you space, even if you’re leaving the car for just a short period at the lower price of a long-stay parking. 

Now it’s time to take full advantage of these 6 tips to get the best deals for airport car parking. 

Book in advance

The price will always be higher if you just get to an airport without a prior booking. If you don’t book a space in advance, you’re just at the mercy of whatever rate you’re given. Booking before arrival can slash rates way down; much lower than what you see written on the prices available. It can depend on the size of the airport and how busy it is, so a general rule of thumb would be to book between 5 days to a week of your departure date or even before that.


Keep your eyes peeled for discounts and you’ll probably come across a few. You could find parking coupons, so why not take advantage of those coupons that are often offered by on-site airport parking and third-party companies? A simple online search can come up with good deals. You can also check with the travel agency if you’re using one. Sometimes, they too have discounted deals.

Compare the options

Prices are never all the same because of the different parking options. Competitive rates could be found and compared using Airport parking with Parkos which covers Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Newark, JFK, and Seatac (Seattle-Tacoma) airports. Parkos compares parking providers and will give you an overview of all parking providers near these airports, giving you detailed information about rates and services. This would be much quicker for you than cross-checking each lot’s website. Typically, you will be charged more if you park in a lot that has closer access to terminals; especially in bigger airports.


On-site parking is more expensive since you’re closer to the terminal. The farther you’re away from the terminal, the cheaper it could get to the park. An off-site parking lot, however, needs to have a shuttle service, so make sure it’s included unless it’s just within walking distance. Off-site has more available spaces, and there is less traffic when navigating through than on-site parking lots.

Consider omitting certain perks

You want the best security available and 24-hour surveillance on the cars parked is the ideal situation. Typically, there is a higher rate for cars parked in covered areas than for cars parked in an open space. Being indoors is considered an amnesty, so you could opt for outdoor parking which will bring down the rate. Self-parking or using a valet is another factor that makes a difference in rates. Sure, it’s more than comfortable to have someone park for you, but all that comes with a price.

Non-flexible deals

If your travel plans are sure, with written-in-stone departure and arrival dates, a non-flexible deal might work for you. These kinds of deals have a non-refundable policy, so even if you cancel, you won’t get your money back. Because you can’t cancel, they’re usually cheaper priced and available in most large airports. 

Non-flexible deals

Besides business travel, we want to travel for leisure, though sometimes it can get stressful preparing everything. The last thing you need is to stress over your car before and during your vacation. There are different options to go forward to find airport parking that suits your budget. You can only say that you’ve found the most suitable choice and price when you compare all the options available.

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