6 Vital Factors Responsible For Organisational Wellbeing

The productivity of your company, business, or any institution that you run is dependent on organizational wellbeing. In case you are wondering what corporate wellbeing entails, this is about healthy habits within your business. The journey to organizational wellbeing is worth the ride because the results experienced will be to impact your business in a positive manner. To achieve organizational well being, there are some factors that need to stay constant as you shall see below.

Vital Factors For Organisational Wellbeing


Individual wellbeing

How your employees behave at work is greatly influenced by their individual wellbeing. High individual wellbeing in an employee eventually affects the workplace too. Instead of an employee viewing their workplace as a prison that robs them of their happiness, you get to realize that when an employee has high individual wellbeing, the workplace is among the places they draw happiness from. Things like this can only be achieved if you put effort. An employee who is suffering from individual wellbeing will affect your business because their productivity levels are very low. The question you could be asking yourself is how then do I contribute to the individual wellbeing of my employees?

The first & foremost thing you need to do is be aware of your individual wellbeing first. If your managerial role is more authoritative, your employees might lose out on the tiniest of opportunities. Be more open with your employees and provide grounds for discussion that can help the organization achieve its goals.


Career wellbeing

This is similar to individual wellbeing. If you like what you do for a living, then it can be said that your career wellbeing is high. Loving what you do every day will eventually affect your place of work positively. Most people that have high career wellbeing tend to give their places of work the utmost attention deserved when at work. As a manager, part of your mandate is to ensure that the environment you provide at work contributes greatly towards making your employees love what they do.


Financial wellbeing

How well do you pay your employees? Is the salary you give them deserving of the work that they do? Some of these questions will help you determine where you stand as an organization when it comes to employee remuneration. Even at an individual level, there is some level of satisfaction that financial wellbeing brings you. If you are running a business, try to offer a remuneration that is not too demeaning so that your employees can find the motivation they need to keep performing better.


Physical wellbeing

Health is among the most important things in human life. If you are sick, it is almost impossible to perform daily functions. Health insurance is among the things that as an employer, you need to provide to your employees. This will ensure that when they are sick, they get to access healthcare. Also, a gym at the workplace can greatly contribute to physical wellbeing. Employees can work out in the gym before they leave for home or even very early in the morning before they commence work.


Social wellbeing

Social wellbeing comes in on the part whereby your employees have satisfactory personal relationships. At times there is nothing much you can do about your employees’ personal relationships, but eventually, these relationships get to reflect in your organization. Ensuring that counseling is available for your employees whenever they are dealing with personal social wellbeing struggles is among the ways you get to build a foundation for high organizational wellbeing.


Community wellbeing

Encourage your employees to be in good terms with the communities they live in. At times how an employee interacts with their community will eventually affect your work.

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