7 Amazing Things to Do in Nepal without Trekking

Wanna know which places are most worth visiting during your visit to Nepal? If so, here’s the list of 5 extreme tourist attractions in Nepal that offer both fun and challenges.

As a land of natural wonders, Nepal is filled with spectacular places that pull the attention of travelers from around the globe. Every sector and locale is regal here, be it the Himalayas embracing magnificent cliffs or extremely deserted lands of the Tibetan plateau, and woody vegetation.

Visitors can expect nothing less than grand views during their visit to the country. Not just that, its rich colorful culture with unique traditions also drags curiosity. Nepal’s coolest yet crowded cities exude the pre-medieval history and civilization of people.

Museums and durbar squares flaunt exquisite art and sculpture from the time of the monarch. Coming far away, you can scoot to the Himalayas in just a 30-minute scenic flight over Kathmandu Valley.

When the flight takes off, enjoy the wilderness, streaming waterfalls, and diverse landscapes. For more soothing and comfortable trips, slip into the lowlands including Chitwan and you can have a wildlife safari all to yourself.

Mustang is another extreme tourist attraction in Nepal that winds through past forbidden land. Most of the places here are abandoned and dry but still wonderful with dense forest near Jomsom and sights of mountains.

There are many other such places that rightly deserve to be on the list of extreme tourist attractions in Nepal. So, here are the five best tourist destinations that have a share of challenges but all end up being pleasurable.

Extreme tourist attractions in Nepal

1. Everest Base Camp Trek

Provided its rustic trail and wilderness, Everest Base Camp Trek has become a favorite trekking destination of every hiker. Visitors flood the airstrip of Lukla year-round urging to beat the backwoods and 80 miles long trail.

As the route winds through Sagarmatha National Park, hikers can witness the pristine view of landscapes. Trek along the zigzagged hillside with lush greenery provides a beaming view of snow-covered mountains.

You can always turn around the valley to watch diverse landscapes and stone cliffs. Trekking the base camp isn’t easy though with steep hills and side effects of altitude and temperature. Those who navigate the routes during winter are hard-hit by recorded low temperatures. Therefore, precautions must be taken while doing the Everest Base Camp.

2. Lo Manthang, Mustang

If you only have one trip to do in Nepal, then make sure it’s Mustang’s Lo Manthang. The place is utterly marvelous with sedimentary rock cliffs, mud-brick walls, and generations-old palaces.

To add, it boasts a dozen caves in the north stuffed with ancient Buddhist paintings and inked script in Tibetan. Lo Manthang reflects the true essence of Nepal with the sheer beauty of desert landscapes and vivacious valleys.

The view atop the ridge is drop-dead gorgeous and something you’ve never seen before. Meandering trails provide a scenic vista of monasteries and temples but it’s a bit challenging to overcome.

During the summer of any given year, temperatures gradually soar in the region, surging challenges. It’ll be quite tough for travelers, especially non-trekkers to navigate the route in hot weather.

Billed as the Kingdom of Lo’s capital in the past, Lo Manthang is making little progress against the far-flung track. It’s nestled between Dalome and the Tibet Autonomous Region within towering rocks and snow peaks.

3. Pokhara

Pave the journey to soul-stirring adventures in Pokhara and you’ll also get a chance to walk by the tranquil lakes. This city has definitely teamed with nature to put up an ethereal piece of heaven on the map. Its trip comes with rewarding adventures, impressive landscapes, and a day hike to nearby villages.

Pokhara usually combines a visit to lakesides with adventurous tours, surmounted by trekking. One of its most popular trekking destinations is Poon Hill that’s overlooked by a chain of snow-capped mountains.

The hill station straddled between Dhaulagiri and Annapurna massif range, at an elevation of 3,210 meters. Apart from this, it has a bunch of other recreational activities to offer thrill-seekers. Adrenaline-fueled adventures like zip lining and bungee jumping are the hot sellers with the maximum number of people calling for the sport.

Paragliding from Sarangkot is another extreme sport that travelers can do at any feasible time. It allows them to free-fly in a glider, and take a sneak peek of Mt. Annapurna. You can enjoy the vibrant valley and glistening Rara Lake from the sky.

4. Jomsom Eco-Museum

No matter how many times you visit Mustang, there’s always something new to discover on every trip. It’s a truly awesome place to be with actual desert wildlands, narrow canyons, and red ridge soaring up to mountains.

Despite its remoteness and no touch with outlying regions, Mustang hasn’t lost its dynamism and history. Jomsom Eco-Museum continues to preserve the old heritage and arts inherited from forebears.

Its origin dates back to 1992 when the museum was set up to exhibit Himalaya’s folklore and rich customs. Today, Jomsom Museum has become a major tourist spot for travelers. This intriguing museum displays prehistoric Buddhist monasteries and traditional artwork that leaves people curious.

It has a collection of splendid herbariums, old paintings, and antiques from the past. From the location, travelers can get a close view of the old Thini village which retrieves the lifestyle and values of Buddhists and Kirats.

For nature lovers, you can always have a clear picture of Mt. Nilgiri and vibrant Jomsom. On your visit, you can have a guided tour of the museum and also study Tibetan herbal medicine. Henceforth, always drop by Jomsom Ecomuseum to make the most of your trip to Mustang.

5. Lumbini

There’s hardly any place on earth that can match the charm of Lumbini. It’s such a lovely and delightful place that you’ll always have something to stay busy with. That barely makes us wonder why the pilgrimage earned a reputation for extreme tourist attractions in Nepal.

Famed as the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, Lumbini is visited by hundreds and thousands of people every year. It’s a major crowd-puller among Buddhist monks and preachers who approach the place for enlightenment.

Out of all sacred pilgrimage, Maya Devi Temple is the hot spot with many people coming to pay regard to Buddha’s birthplace. You can explore the Ashokan pillar and even take a look around the secret garden right next to the temple.

Spanned in an area of 6km, Lumbini Crane Sanctuary is another great place to spend time. You can also take a tour of other monasteries and stupas inside the premises but that takes extra time and effort.

6. Short Treks

Visitors would be absolutely gutted if they missed walking the old stony trails of Nepal’s hillside, in case of Himalayas got too far. They’re insanely gorgeous and give a sense of calm and joy to travelers. Far from the crowd, they unroll diverse landscapes, sharp ridges, and a dose of fresh air.

It’s for the unique topography of Nepal, it has so many short hikes to offer adventurers. One such beauty is the Mardi Himal Trek, a perfect example of the best easy trek in Nepal. Trails of Mardi Himal are so short and relaxing that they can be done in as little as 5 days.

However, most people spend up to 2 weeks or more to explore the region meticulously. Other than easy access, they come with big rewards which include a closer view of Mardi Himal. It even provides picturesque views of Annapurna massif and neighboring Machhapuchhre.

Walking on the trail gives a rare chance to watch a species of wild animals, sweeping rivers, and traditional Nepali villages. Located in east Nepal, the Mardi Himal trek starts from Pokhara and passes several campsites and remote settlements before reaching the base camp.

If you still feel that’s too much then give a shot to Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking or Poon Hill Trek. Helambu is not bad either for a short trek but it will take you at least a week so plan the schedule accordingly.


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