7 Best Renovations That Add Value to Your Home

When renovating your home, you often wish to find that one improvement that will magically make your home irresistible to buyers. Adding this or that new feature may be the big thing that makes the much-desired difference.

But the truth is that the buyer’s impression of your home is rarely based on the effect of a single component of the home. In most cases, it is the cumulative effect of many different things in the home. Sometimes it is even the least expected things that make the most difference.

This is why JTS Management  in Folsom says having a holistic view of your home is important when renovating. Instead of looking at the kitchen, bathroom, or landscaping in isolation, you should look at the different aspects of the home in terms of how they complete one another.

This means striving for balance in your design. This balance should be evident in the synergy between the function and esthetics of the different parts of the home. The home’s design features should flow naturally into the other, making the design easy on the eye.

How do you get this kind of result when renovating your home?

That is not an easy question to answer because each home is different in its design, its specific deficiencies, and buyers’ expectations in that locality. Yet there are still a few features that may be viewed as staples when renovating a home.

These features have such universal appeal that it is hard to go wrong with them. Their appeal is partly due to their function and also as a result of their timelessness. What are these must-have features to include when renovating your home?

7 best renovations that add value to your home

1. Kitchen renovations

Kitchen renovations

Kitchen renovations are pivotal. The most impactful renovations here are increasing the size of the kitchen or making better use of available space; upgrading the appearance of cabinets by repainting or re-facing them and updating their hardware; installing double sinks with new faucets; adding a walk-in pantry and replacing the kitchen floor and backsplash. Repainting the kitchen may be the most important upgrade of all.

2. Bathroom renovations

Bathrooms rank second in order of importance for buyers. The best bathroom renovations are adding a glass shower enclosure with a rainfall shower head, and a freestanding tub, adding energy efficient plumbing features, installing safety features that reduce the risk of falls, updating the vanity, and repainting the bathroom in modern colors. Renovations that focus on tiles and flooring and tiles are also important.

3. Adding more space

Adding more space

Buyers value homes with lots of space. If you can’t increase the floor area of your home, you can create the illusion of space or make better use of the space you already have. Ways to create an illusion of space include creating an open floor plan, using lighter paint colors, better lighting, raising the ceiling, and de-cluttering rooms. Adding more storage space also counts.

4. Adding natural features

Natural materials give the home an ambiance that is hard to recreate with manmade materials. Natural materials are also timeless in their appeal; buyers will pay a premium for them. Examples of natural materials to add to your home include hardwood flooring, natural stone countertops, a fireplace with real fire, and cork or bamboo flooring. Adding organic materials to your décor and furniture also helps.

5. Improved lighting

The power of good lighting design to change a home’s appearance is often overlooked. Good lighting will make rooms appear spacious and welcoming. Good lighting must begin with improving the amount of natural lighting. Lighting fixtures in the home should be ornamental and sources of illumination. The lighting in each room should be designed with how the space will be used in mind.

6. Good landscaping

Landscaping should evoke excitement since this is the first part of the home visitors see. Good landscaping design starts from the fence or borders of the property and continues to the driveway, walkways, and front entryway. You want to make the landscaping diverse in terms of the content of the yard and the ways the yard can be used. It should not be much work to maintain the landscaping.

7. Energy efficiency

You want to keep energy efficiency in mind, from lighting to plumbing fixtures and appliances. The less money it costs to maintain your home, the more buyers you will have. Energy-saving lighting, low-flow plumbing, and Energy Star-rated appliances are some of the things you want to think of in this regard.

Finally, do not try to do everything on this list. Think of your budget, the issues in your home, and what buyers in the area want. Ultimately, regardless of which features you choose to upgrade, you want to remember the effect of that single upgrade on the rest of your home.

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