7 Current Fashion Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

Fashion trends seem to change each season and each year like clockwork. Thankfully, most trends incorporate elements of previous ones – so you won’t need to buy a completely new wardrobe. Check out these popular current trends to assess what new pieces to invest in.


Bralettes are making a comeback! Now, layering a blazer or other open jacket on top of a bralette is about as fashion-forward as it gets. Of course, some of the options on offer this year look perfect without any type of coat! We’re seeing bralettes covered in designs, callbacks to previous decades, and even blinged out!

It’s the perfect time to try out a bralette, even if you’ve never owned one before.


Monochrome is in this year. This is just one color option that will turn heads this year. From blocks of color to perfectly coordinated black and white outfits, you can’t go wrong if it’s in these classic colors.

Plus, there are so many patterns to try! You can carefully separate your colors (white tops and accessories with black bottoms and shoes), or you can mix it up. Polka dots, checkerboards, and strips are all in – if they’re black and white!

Airy Maxi Dresses

Break out those flowing maxi dresses – they’re in style again. This year, the emphasis is on Maxi dresses with voluminous fabrics, flowing lines, and more material than we thought we’d need.  Long sleeves and flowing, near-transparent skirts are all the rage this year, so make sure to get your hands on a few.

Wide-Legged Pants

Leggings aren’t out – but baggy, wide-legged pants are in. This year, seeing the shapes of your legs is out, it seems. Wide-legged jeans and slacks are just another way to showcase the emphasis on comfort. Plus, they give you an appealing silhouette – what’s not to love?

Bright Colors

On the other side of the spectrum from monochrome, bright colors are taking a stand this year. Many bright blues, greens, pinks, and yellows are showing up on catwalks and in department stores. Throughout the spring, summer, and maybe even fall, expect to see brighter versions of all your favorite colors.

Hoodies and Blazers

The past few years have seen a rise in mixed style popularity. This means pairing business casual with athletic wear. The jury is in: blazer-type jackets for women just look better with a hoodie underneath. Men have been doing this for years, and now it’s fashionable to mirror that trend.

For best results, use a plain hoodie with no logos or writing. Simple colors such as black, grey, and white work best for this look. Make sure to dress it up with some fancy shoes to match the professional feel of the blazer.

Cropped Knits

Cardigans are big this year, and not in the way you’d expect. Cropped cardigans and knit sweaters are taking the fashion world by storm this year. If you enjoy cropped tops, don’t be afraid to take that trend to your comfy knitwear. Add some baggy jeans or high-waisted pants for a great look!

Besides the look, they’re also cozy and comfortable. You might not want to wear a cropped cardigan during the summer months, but you can’t go wrong with one in the fall. You’ll be seeing these comfy, chic looks everywhere this October!


The great thing about 2021 fashion trends? You probably already have some of these pieces in your wardrobe. If you don’t, make sure to change it up with Shop Style Shark. Our collections feature many of these stylish elements to keep you looking great this year.

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