7 Dental Tips for Winter Months

Maintaining dental hygiene is a demanding task throughout the year but things seem to get harder during the coldest period of the year. In wintertime we give special attention to our home, our skin, and our friends and family so why shouldn’t we pamper our teeth as well? In addition, nobody wants to go and see the dentist while a show blizzard rages outside.

Here are the top 7 dental tips for winter months.

Dental Tips for Winter Months

Stay hydrated (Yes, in winter too)

You probably have a water bottle on you in August but you ditch the habit in October when the weather gets cold outside. However, hydration is so important that it should be practiced the entire year! That minimum of 8 glasses of water is always important.

Since the heating is on during winter, the air inside houses, and especially apartments becomes so dry that you’ll wake up with a dry mouth. This condition is favorable for the development of various bacteria that thrive in the absence of moisture.

Go easy on the hot chocolate

You probably know by now that sugar intake is bad for your teeth, as it adds to their decay. However, you feel more relaxed in the winter because you think there is nothing harmful in a nice cup of homemade hot chocolate.

Well, not only is homemade hot chocolate loaded with sugar just like the one you order in a café but tooth enamel is eroded by the hot liquid. That’s why tea without any sugar added is a much better solution if you have a sore throat during the holiday season.

Wash your hands often

Have you ever stopped to consider how many times during the day you touch your face with either of your hands? You needn’t put your hands inside the mouth, it is only necessary that you touch the sore spots on the skin near the mouth to transfer germs.

Washing hands several times a day should be mandatory in winter. This way, you are preventing infection of the oral cavity and preventing other diseases not related to your teeth. The flu is strong each season so washing hands often comes with multiple benefits.

Don’t skip scheduled checkups at the dentist

Winter is the season of comfort and staying indoors but be sure to exit the house at least once to have a checkup at the local dentist. Practices like Terrigal Dental offer help with every problem from gum diseases to dentures.

All you need to do is schedule an appointment and perhaps ask for some additional expert advice on dental hygiene in winter.

Don’t skip scheduled checkups at the dentist

If you do sports, wear a mouthguard

Unless you want to chip or lose a tooth during a sporting event, you should wear a mouthguard. Popular indoor sports like basketball or ice hockey come with certain risks, as you might easily get a blow to the chin. This can cause injury to the tongue and has enough force to knock a tooth right out.

It is especially important to protect children because they are more prone to injury. The last thing you and your family members need is emergency dental surgery because of a recklessly broken or knocked-out tooth.

Go easy with brushing your teeth

The fact that the air outside is cold is going to influence the inside of your mouth. The teeth become more sensitive so you shouldn’t add to the problem by brushing hard. Adopt a new style of brushing that involves soft movements of the toothbrush.

Additionally, you should switch to a soft-bristled brush; moving it gently around the gums. Just like any other patch of your skin and soft tissue, they become more brittle in winter and are susceptible to injury.

There are sensitive kinds of toothpaste in the market designed for people with irritable gums. Biting into cold food adds to the feeling of discomfort so be sure to prepare the proper dental hygiene kit.

Avoid chapped lips

It might not seem like a big deal but lips chapped by cold winds and freezing temperatures in winter are connected with your dental health. Once you notice and feel that your lips are drying up and cracking, it is time to apply a chapstick with petroleum jelly.

If you wish to apply chapstick every day, then use one with an SPF of at least 15. You should anoint the lips several times a day, i.e. every time you leave the house.

Protecting your teeth, gums, and lips lies at the center of your dental hygiene this winter. The weather outside is not favorable for your oral cavity so you should give your teeth extra protection.

Brushing lightly, wearing a mouthguard when playing sports, and a checkup at the dentist are essential if you wish to have a healthy and radiant smile this spring.

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