7 Effective Hacks to Avoid Airlines Fees

Are you guys ready to fly for your next vacation?

If not, make your plan to spend your next holiday weekend internationally. But if you are worried about traveling expenses and financial budget, then stop wondering! Scrolling down and reading this article will help you to achieve your goals and know the best ways by considering which you can avoid paying too much for extra fees. 

I know that most of the airlines started charging extra for various things like switching a flight, choosing a particular seat, ticket cancellation, carrying excess luggage, travel accessories, etc. which might cost double your ticket price.

Moreover, It’s hard to manage the bucks on your entire trip. What you need to do is sit down and plan your entire trip before the departure because proper planning will help you ease the airline’s raid on your wallet.

Now without any further discussions, let’s take a rundown at some of the best ways to avoid airline fees.

Best ways to avoid Airlines Fees

Let’s get started…

Hack-1: Look for the Airlines that offer free checked bags

free checked bags
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Everyone wishes to travel in the air by avoiding hundreds of fees. Wanna! Travel to new places by saving your money as much as possible then you should look for Airlines that offer free checked bags.

As I am a frequent flier, I have traveled to 60 different countries in 6 months with my family as well as for business trips. So, in my experience, Southwest and Jetblue are two popular airlines that do not charge an additional cost for your luggage. It allows you to check two bags for free.

Similar to these Airlines, there are many more that do not charge unnecessary baggage fees. You have to spend some time before booking your tickets to save some dollars.

Are you aware of how much would you charge for carrying extra luggage? It is nearly $10 to $75 for your carry-on bag, which is a considerable amount. Therefore, avoid paying bucks in dollars by choosing the best airlines that offer free checked bag facilities.

You can select the best airlines by visiting fare mart as it has access to 450+ airlines and provides 24*7 support and affordable services to its seekers. Say you plan to fly with United Airlines, you can quickly check United Airline Fares, ticketing costs, and updated flight schedules from anywhere at any time.

Hack-2: Book online Air tickets in advance

Booking air tickets is the foremost step to achieving your desires. We all know that the ticket booking fee is expensive but extra charges over-exceeds the actual ticketing fee. The addition of checked luggage fees, seat selection, last-minute ticket cancellation, and many more escalates the actual ticket charges.

One thing you need to keep in mind is to use the right credit or debit cards for booking air tickets in advance and save some money while traveling in the air.

Moreover, there are many airlines which will charge you extra for booking award tickets near to the date of departure. Like if you book your tickets at the last minute with United Airlines, American Airlines, etc., you will have to pay $75 for each card.

I know it is a huge amount; therefore, I recommend you book air tickets through your credit or debit cards 2-3 months prior to the date of travel as it will help you to save the award processing fee.

Hack-3: Pack appropriately

Pack appropriately
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Another hack that you should consider to avoid the Airline fee is to pack light and appropriately. Whenever I make my plan to travel, I always prefer to take only carry-on luggage because I don’t like waiting for long hours at the baggage carousel and paying extra for the checked bags.

To avoid all these challenges, I always like doing smart packing because most of the airlines charge hundreds of dollars if you travel with US airlines, you will be charged at least $25 or more just for carrying baggage. Suppose, you are planning to travel to the USA, then you must have an idea about the 8 Things You Need To Pack Before Heading To The USA.

Hack-4: Avoid choosing premium economy seats

More than 80% of people book premium economy seats to travel comfortably, but it is estimated that people who travel with premium economy seats have to spend 95% more than people who fly on usual seats.

No doubt economy seats offer various features like adjustable headrests, extra legroom, laptop power ports, larger personal TV screens, etc. But, if you plan to travel for a short duration, then choosing premium economy seats is of no use.

Thus, I recommend you to travel on available seats as it would cost you less. Moreover, you can also check seat availability and book the most appropriate seat over the internet.  Thus, if you want to save some bucks from your pocket, don’t be specific with the seats.

Hack-5: Always remember the 24-hour ticket cancellation Rule

Last-minute ticket cancellation can exceed the actual cost of the air ticket. Thus, always book your tickets if you have fixed plans.

While traveling in the air, always remember the 24-hour ticket cancellation rule to get the refundable amount. If you do not follow the airline rules and policies, you will have to spend double the actual amount, which is not acceptable. Therefore, be sure of the dates while booking and flying in the air.

Hack-6: Look for the airlines that allow you to bring your own food

Another tactic by which you can avoid airline fees is searching for the airlines, which will enable you to bring your own food as we all know that airline food prices are inflated. If you bring your own food into the flights, then you will have an option to save some cash. Moreover,  bringing your own food will ensure you get a good quality meal.

Choosing an airline is the most vital decision. Therefore, invest some time while searching the airlines that offer efficient services to their seekers.

Hack-7: Carry your own magnetizes/books to avoid Wi-Fi fees

avoid Wifi fees Airlines
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Have you ever thought about how to spend time while traveling? Now, you might be thinking about this question. Are you thinking of using the WiFi facility offered on the flights and spending your free time? Yes! You can avail of this opportunity, but it might cost you more.

However, you can save your money by bringing some books and magazines according to your interests. You have to look for the airlines that allow you to bring some books or magazines on the plane.

By following this hack, you will save $12.70 that you might have to pay for using WiFi for an hour. Isn’t it a huge amount? Of course yes. Furthermore, you can also download some videos or songs on your mobile devices to spend your free time on your flight.

Over to You

Even after traveling at cheap rates, you might still have to pay extra charges for incidental airline fees, which are really expensive. 

There is always a way to the problems. Thus, to get rid of extra traveling expenses and save a lot of money, you can follow the above points to save money on travel fees. 

Hope, all the above-discussed strategies will help the fliers to avoid airline fees and travel by spending a minimum amount. If you travel frequently, then you must read 14 effective flying tips as these tips and tricks will help you to travel without facing any challenge. 

Don’t worry about your pocket! These tips and tricks will certainly help to reduce your airfare and make your air travel budget-friendly.

Good Luck with your next travel!


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