7 Effective Methods That Can Help Lower Diabetes Back Pain

Back pain is common among people suffering from diabetes. It’s pretty common among all people across the globe. According to a study of 67,000 patients at the Mayo Clinic, about 27% had chronic back or neck pain, compared to about 13% in the general population.

Back pain impacts people’s quality of life and is considered the main cause of disability in the U.S. and worldwide. But why are people with diabetes twice as likely to develop severe back pain?

According to six studies of over 160,000 patients from six countries, some potential reasons like high blood sugar levels and high cholesterol levels could promote tissue damage. According to various animal studies, spines deteriorate in rats with high blood sugar.

Also, Australian scientists are sure that uncontrolled diabetes decreases blood flow, and thus enhances cartilage inflammation. This is because the spinal discs have no blood vessels and therefore they rely on nutrients from the vessels of the vertebral bones. When those vessels are narrowed, which often happens in the case of diabetes, the discs may degenerate, leading to severe pain.

Since type 2 diabetes is often provoked by obesity, these two health issues in tandem can do a number to your spine health. According to one study, the link between diabetes and back pain is strong enough that healthcare providers should consider screening for diabetes in patients seeking care for neck and back pain.

So, what should be done to lower and manage chronic back pain? Let’s take a look at eight effective tips that will help you overcome this problem.

1. Decrease your stress levels

High stress levels often make us breathe more shallowly and hold muscles tighter. Negative emotions such as anxiety, stress, depression, and anger can enhance your sensitivity to any pain. Things like listening to calming music, reading a good book, and practicing deep breathing can help you fight negative feelings and cope with your pain.

2. Give up smoking

According to Cleveland Clinic data, smokers are approximately three times as likely to develop back pain as nonsmokers. Nicotine in cigarettes will reduce your pain for a while, but it makes your nerves more sensitive and will increase your pain over time.

3. Increase your physical activity levels

In fact, physical activity is one of the best options for chronic back pain treatment. Staying physically inactive is harmful since it can weaken the muscles that support your neck and increase neck pain. You can try anything you want, from walking to swimming.

4. Try meditation

Several studies have shown that meditation has a positive effect on pain management in chronic back pain as well as in other types of chronic pain. In one study, patients with diabetes who took an 8-week meditation class had improved pain management and the ability to function.

5. Stretch your back muscles

Stretching your back muscles will help you protect them against damage and help them function better and with less pain. As mentioned above, a sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, and untreated injuries can all cause chronic compression of the spine, which always results in chronic pain. If you are a sedentary worker then you need to stretch your neck muscles. Every 15 minutes, change your position or do some simple stretches in your chair.

6. Stop drinking alcohol

Just like smoking, alcohol consumption may relieve your pain temporarily, but it negatively affects sleep and leaves you feeling worse when it wears off. Ozempic pen cost online.

7. Improve diabetes management

People with diabetes who experience chronic back pain, have a greater incidence of high blood pressure, more nerve damage, and cholesterol levels than diabetes sufferers without chronic back pain. To manage these, losing weight is one of the few other things that a person can do. Taking medications such as Semaglutide, together with exercises and a proper diet can help control high blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes. You may check the Ozempic pen cost online.

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