7 Hair-Raising Halloween Hairstyles for Kids

Are you looking for a winning Halloween hairstyle for kids?

Every year we celebrate Halloween. The most important event of the night is the trick or treat event that the kids enjoy. We often celebrate with crazy costumes and hairstyles that both adults can enjoy, too.

Halloween Hairstyles for Kids

However, your child cannot go trick or treating while they’re looking plain. You need a Halloween hairstyle made for kids that will show people that Halloween spirit. Read what we have below and get the hair-raising Halloween hairstyles for kids.

1- The Medusa’s Snake

Having snakes for hair is not a good idea except if you’re a renowned mythological creature. This is a good Halloween hairstyle that girls will take an interest in. What’s great is that you don’t need real snakes to make this hairstyle… all you need are fake toy snakes.

To make this hairstyle, weave one or two big snakes with braids. Let the snake peek out as you see fit and you’re done. Pair the hairstyle with a Greek god style outfit and make your kid look awesome.

Another idea for a scary kids Halloween hairstyle is “The Beholder” inspired by the tabletop game Dungeons and Dragons. The Beholder is a limbless, one-eyed creature with many eyestalks. A combination of braids and toy eye stalks will surely do the job for this scary hairstyle.

2- Unicorn Hair

We all take inspiration from legends and mythical creatures one of these majestic creatures is the unicorn. Get this colorful, majestic, and cute Halloween hairstyle for kids. With the use of fluffy braids and hair extensions achieve that princess-like look for your kid.

This is also among the Halloween hairstyles for kids that use silver glitter. Sprinkle some of that silver glitter on the hair and match it with a unicorn hairband. You might spend a little bit of extra cash, but that effort will give your child that majestic look she wants.

3- Three Scope Ice Cream Cone

We all like sweets such as chocolates, candies, and cakes. Halloween trick or treat is the perfect season to indulge that sweet tooth. The good news is you can also apply that to your kid’s Halloween hairstyle.

Achieve this easy Halloween hairstyle for kids with not just one or two but three ice cream scoops. We are not talking about real ice cream scoops, but a braid wrapped around the hair. Add a plastic cherry on top and you have a delicious hairstyle, a hit for all sweet lovers.

4- The Strawberry Shortcake

Let’s talk about strawberries for a moment. They’re sweet and red, you can add them to your cake. Also, you use it as a hairstyle idea this coming Halloween. It’s guaranteed to be cute, lovable, and colorful with the right decoration.

You may be thinking that this is another bun related Halloween hairstyle. Don’t worry because on this list it’s one of the easiest hairstyles you will do. Make a bun and with the use of safe, colored hair spray you will achieve that fruit-looking hairstyle for your kids.

You can enhance this by using DIY to make seed and stalk cut-outs. You then add it to the hairstyle to make it look realistic. You can also make the pumpkin patch Halloween hairstyle with the same process and different safe, colored hair spray.

5- Half Section Spiderweb

Some people are afraid of spiders but don’t worry, with this hairstyle no one has to be afraid. Turn that dislike of spiders into an idea of cute for kids Halloween hairstyle.

Spider-web-themed hairstyles are cute and fun to make and girls are sure to love them. You can make the spider web special by adding glow-in-the-dark hair extensions as webbing. For the finishing touches, add toy spiders to give that convincing hair spider look and make sure they don’t fall off.

Another way of making this spider Halloween hairstyle for kids is with the use of pipe cleaners. Using pipe cleaners will allow you to imitate spider legs. You only need to choose the right color and add it to the bun and behold you have one big spider for hair.

6- Cat Ears

One of the popular hairstyles this Halloween is animal themed hairstyles because people always love animals. What’s great is that cats are among the most popular animals today. This makes it a good idea to get that feline style for girls’ Halloween hairstyle.

With the use of a simple bun held together by Flexi rods. Add a small woven spiderweb for the ponytail and a cute Halloween hairstyle is now made for your kid. You can enhance this hairstyle by adding nose makeup to imitate that cat look.

Are you having difficulties making that Halloween hairstyle for kids? Are you looking for professional help? Look for professionals like Kenneth Chien to help you out.

7- Spooky Scary Skeletons

The spirit of Halloween is never complete without the main attraction. Ghosts, zombies, witches, and skeletons are always present for the occasion. What better way to complete Halloween than with scary hairstyles made for kids?

Resting Skeleton French Braid is another easy Halloween hairstyle for kids. It’s a normal French braid with added white yarn and a skeleton resting from the top. It’s a fun Halloween hairstyle guaranteed to bring that spooky skeleton chill.

If your girl aspires to be a witch on a Halloween night, a witch hairstyle is for her. Make her stand out among the witches by using braids and strings of light. You can also use an easy to remove hair color to make the hair more vibrant, making the witch stand out among the rest.

Use These Halloween Hairstyles for Kids Today

With Halloween right around the corner, these Halloween hairstyles for kids will help your kid stand out. Prepare the right tools and give your kid an amazing hairstyle to go with their costumes today!

Do you want to learn more easy Halloween hairstyles for kids? Your kid may want a different hairstyle from a popular show on the internet. Check out more of our guides and articles to learn about other hairstyles today!

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