7 Healthy Breakfasts that will Fill you with Energy

I meet with opinions that healthy eating is for people with time and money … Would it be for sure? Do you have to be a well-organized and wealthy freelancer to cook yourself or the entire family in the morning oatmeal? Treat to a healthy breakfast that will fill you with warm, healthy calories providing energy and satiety for long hours. In my opinion, goodwill is enough, with some interesting ideas and a bit of organization. And that’s what this entry is about.

In our family, healthy, sweet, and sweet breakfasts work best. There is nothing strange in this, nature has created us so that in the morning we need a supply of fresh fuel and calories that will fill us with energy and give a positive kick to start a new day. Our body can get energy from practically everything (proteins, fats, carbohydrates), but in the morning it draws them most effectively from carbohydrates, of course, complex ones.

If someone succumbed to omnipresent carbohydrates (as if they were the cause of obesity), I would recommend an earlier entry of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, in which I explain in detail the differences between their various sources.

Consider the following suggestions as inspirations, as ideas from which you can get what you and your family will like best. We eat such breakfasts regularly, of course, every day we try to eat something different and we have the rule that the same dish can be no more than once every three days.

1- Brown rice with seasonal fruits

Brown rice is a very healthy source of complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Sam, of course, does not blame the taste (although I like its taste and texture), but “seasoned with sweet seasonal fruit, with a small addition of natural yogurt and cinnamon tastes great.

2- Millet with seasonal fruits

Millet is a queen of groats. Why? It does not contain gluten (some of them have an intolerance) and is alkaline – it does not acidify the body. Well prepared, it has a mild flavor and goes well with all seasonal fruits.

3- Sweet omelet

Yes, there is a little more work with an omelet, which is why we leave breakfast for looser mornings, such as weekends. Pancakes can be baked in a small pan and transferred in the form of a cake on a plate. You can also bake them immediately on a large pan and bake when folded in half.

4- Chia seeds and goji berries

Generally, I’m not an advocate of all kinds of “super foods”, they are very valuable, but often exotic foods. Mainly because of the price – they are more expensive than our equally healthy local products. That is why we eat chia seeds and goji berries sporadically, treating them as a healthy diversification of our morning breakfasts foods.

5- Healthy pumpkin soup

We love healthy pumpkin soup, I associate it with my childhood, and children with milk, which we eat less often in recent times. Preparing such a meal in the morning requires prior preparation – posting, and freezing pumpkin cream.

6- Oatmeal without milk

Oatmeal before cooking is best soaked (it can be for the entire night) in water with a little lemon – thanks to this we reduce the amount of phytate, and binding compounds, and hinders the absorption of nutrients.

In the morning, just boil them, add available fruit, honey or raisins, cinnamon and a delicious dish ready

7- Oriental patties with oat flakes and sesame seeds

And this is the second offer of breakfast based on healthy oatmeal. Curiosity, do you know what was the basis of the diet of ancient gladiators? Just oats, the same as that from which oatmeal is made, were said to give them strength.

We make delicious pancakes for breakfast, sometimes sweet, for example with the addition of grated apples or bananas, and sometimes, just like in the case of these cakes – for an oriental note.

To sum up

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that it depends not only on your energy level and the well-being of the day but in the long term, your health. There was a period in my life, quite long, that for breakfast “I ate coffee, postponing the first meal for as long as possible in the hope that I would eat a lot less – because I fought overweight.

It was a mistake, my weight returned to the right level only when I started to eat meals regularly. I talked about it in the podcast. How did I lose 20 kg?

In addition, an analysis of the habits of people living in oases of longevity places where people live the longest and most importantly live in health, also emphasizes the importance of a healthy breakfast.

It’s easy to say harder to implement. In our family, there were also situations in which each of the household members wished to eat something else in the morning. Our children are of different ages, and have different preferences, and needs – how to embrace it, in a short time to prepare breakfast for everyone in one pot?

And this is the way, but it’s a topic for a separate article. Meanwhile, I wish you a tasty one!

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