7 Home Repairs to Make This Winter

Once winter comes, much of your labor has to move indoors. Conditions are just too cold to always work outside, though emergencies and a few other circumstances are exceptions.

As such, you may want to focus on indoor repairs in the winter and save the rest for when it’s warm outside again. You’ll find plenty of things to check and keep you busy all winter long.

1. Seal Gaps

Gaps in your home will lead to drafty weather coming in. Winter is the best time to check for these gaps, as you’ll notice them without much issue if it’s cold outside. Old windows are notorious for allowing cold air to seep in, simply because a house has settled or the temperatures over the years have caused them to warp.

Installing the right windows can help with this issue. Well-inserted windows can minimize heat and energy loss, and since they will fit correctly, they lessen your chances of pests searching for a warm place inside your home. Pay attention to when you feel drafts in your home — you just might be able to trace it back to the problem window.

Otherwise, look at your weather stripping. If it’s old or rotting, replace it with newer stripping. Making this repair is so simple that you can get it done for all your doors and windows in a single day. Remember, as long as you make your home energy-efficient, you’ll enjoy the winter.

2. Repair Heating Appliances

It’s best to check your heating appliances before the cold weather sets in and you have to use them. For example, if you’ve left your fireplace stagnant since last winter, consider cleaning it out and refreshing it before using it for the first time this year.

Similarly, you’ll need to check your furnace. Unkept furnaces and other heating appliances can start fires if they are not cleaned or inspected regularly. To prevent your home from catching on fire, make sure to check anything you’ll be using to heat your home before the worst of winter kicks in.

3. Deal With Roof Issues

You should start to notice issues with your roof before they take a turn for the worse. Once in a while, when you’re outside, walk around your house to see if you can spot any damage to your roof. The moment something looks off, your roof warrants a check.

If it’s icy outside, postpone dealing with anything. You should rely on professionals to handle any issues with your roof, especially during the winter when it could be slippery. Still, snow and ice create dangerous conditions for anyone who climbs onto the roof. Aim to have your roof inspected early enough in the winter to avoid hazardous situations.

4. Replace Air Conditioner

Since you likely aren’t using your air conditioner in the winter, these months are the perfect time to have it evaluated, so you’ll know that it will work well when you need it. Most air conditioners should be replaced after 12 or more years of use so you can ensure yours is energy efficient and works well.

Simply having someone come out to look at your air conditioner can give you peace of mind that your home is prepared for the warmer months ahead.

5. Apply New Caulk

Is the caulk in your bathroom starting to chip, peel, or look dirty? Dedicate a weekend to giving your bathroom caulk a facelift. You can use a caulking gun to apply new caulk easily and give any bathroom a fresh look. Before applying the new caulk, make sure to scrape off the old and completely clean and dry the surface. Only then can you use your caulking gun without fear.

6. Tackle Emergency Issues

Emergency issues don’t wait until the best time of the year. Even if you find an emergency problem with your home outside, you should seek to tackle it — or at least mitigate the damage — however you can with as much speed as possible.

Events like gas leaks, while rare, happen both indoors and out and can create mild to severe symptoms in people who are exposed to them. Don’t leave emergencies waiting — nothing is worth you or your household’s lives.

7. Do Detail Work

Winter is the perfect time to set aside your big ideas of renovation and remodeling in favor of doing some light detail work indoors. Since you may not have as much time with all of the holidays this season, you can focus on smaller projects that need your attention. If the paint has started to chip somewhere, consider giving that wall or structure a makeover.

You might choose to focus on other small things, like repairing the appliances or furniture around your home. Since you’re likely stuck indoors for most of the winter, this time is the perfect opportunity to permanently fix a wobbly table or give a fresh look to a faded dresser.

Slow Down This Winter

Simply because humans can’t spend as much time outdoors in the winter, this season is the perfect time to slow down and spend time with your household. You can make repairs here and there, but make sure to save the big projects for when it warms up.

This way, you can enjoy the rest of the season by working minimally and spending more time with the people who matter.

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