7 Ideas for a Zoom NYE Party

Most people are more than ready to ring in 2021. However, this year’s celebrations will look much different from years past. Instead of gathering in New York’s Times Square or your buddy’s basement, you’ll likely be stuck at home. A change of plans doesn’t have to ruin the evening, though. After all, if any New Year deserves celebrating, it’s this one.

So put on your glittery dress and fanciest shoes and get ready to party the night away on Zoom. The following ideas should keep the festivities going well past midnight.

1. Dinner Party

Just because you can’t have friends over doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some delicious food. Invite your friends to a virtual dinner. Include the link to join, what time the festivities begin, and what to prepare. Your guests can show up with noisemakers, lights, drinks, and more if they so choose.

Everyone should also “bring” a meal so you can all eat together. Organize a porch food swap before the party if you want everyone to enjoy the same dishes.

2. Movie Night

You might also host a movie night to entertain everyone until the ball drops. If you aren’t interested in dressing up, invite everyone to wear their favorite onesie, and settle in with some hot chocolate and popcorn.

Stream your movie of choice with Netflix Party, Metastream, Scener, or a similar streaming service that allows for group viewing. You can also keep things simple and fun by pressing play on your devices simultaneously.

3. Champagne Tasting

If you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a champagne flute in hand, consider hosting a virtual tasting event. Learn how to safely pop the cork to prevent any mishaps and teach others how to do the same. You may be surprised at how few friends know how to open a bottle without making a mess.

Then, pour each one and rate them on a scale of one to 10. Choose your favorite and make sure everyone enjoys their top pick as the ball drops.

4. Cooking Class

Would you rather spend the evening baking or preparing your favorite meal? Take a virtual cooking class together. Take on the role of the teacher as you walk your friends through a family favorite or enroll everyone in an online Masterclass and learn from a pro.

You can even add some excitement by hosting a competition. Who can plate their meal the fastest? Who’s dessert is the most visually appealing? Of course, you’ll have to save the taste testing for another day, but at least everyone will be able to enjoy their dishes afterward.

5. Attend a Virtual Event

If your friends and family are more laid back and want to relax on NYE, consider attending a virtual event together. You may not be able to attend a concert or parade, but you can still dance the night away with an online rave or enjoy a virtual show.

Some churches, businesses, and religious organizations are even hosting virtual events so the public can still have fun and stay safe on New Year’s Eve. Scour Facebook event pages and peruse local event calendars to find an activity that would be of interest to you and your Zoom group. You can even take votes on which one everyone should attend.

6. Game Night

Encourage some friendly competition by planning a game night. Of course, games like Scrabble and poker don’t translate to the virtual realm too well. However, there are plenty of other games that do, including Charades, Outburst, Pictionary, and classics like chess and Monopoly.

Think outside the box as you plan your NYE game night and gather suggestions from friends. Which games have they used to connect with others this year? If you choose a board game, designate someone to move pieces, draw cards, and call the shots. You might also have them ready the rules of the game so everyone’s on the same page before playing.

7. Craft Party

Do you feel like getting a little artsy? Host a craft party and make something to help everyone celebrate the New Year. Construct horns out of used paper towel rolls, fill balloons with confetti, or make your wishing tree. These kid-friendly crafts are perfect for families and will encourage everyone to participate.

Let everyone get creative in making decorating their noisemakers, masks, and other celebratory items. Then, as the ball drops, use them to ring in the New Year. With a little imagination, you might even picture yourself in Times Square instead of your living room.

Get Creative and Have Fun!

Whether you’re whipping up pies in your online cooking class or challenging your friends to virtual trivia, remember that this NYE is all about having fun. Keep things simple and get creative as you brainstorm ideas for your Zoom party. If one of them ends up being a big hit, your family can turn it into a new tradition. Then, maybe you enjoy it together in person next year.

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