7 Ideas to Keep In Mind When Creating Marketing Content

We have just finished our 2019 Pride month, there were parades, great events, and meetings, and tons of rainbows appeared in our paths in support of the LGBT community. Now, more than ever brands get caught in the rainbow euphoria, and before you know it every single product you encounter throughout the day in the sunny month of June is rainbow-themed. From the early morning bottle of Listerine to the late-night bottle of Absolute vodka essential for your Friday night vodka-tonic has a rainbow on it. So, let’s kick off our marketing content ideas with idea #1:

A superficial show of support is always bad, so don’t do it. These days we are fighting a lot of fights, so, when brands decide to show their support towards any relevant cause important to the community it has to be supported by action and it absolutely cannot be tone deaf (the mere mention of that Pepsi/Kendall Jenner Black Lives Matter ad still makes people cringe). Now, slapping a rainbow on your product during Pride Mont’s and writing a few posts is just bad content marketing. Taking a stand, being an ally, giving people a voice through your content, showing your support, and being representative and active on behalf of those in the minority is the way to go. We’ve all seen a lot of backlashes towards the brands that decided to take a stand with their content, though those that stood strong and haven’t modified or withdrew their ads after criticism are now supported more than ever. This was the case with the Oreo pride cookie, or the Tiffany & Co. ad who invited a real gay couple to be the stars of their campaign and represent their community. McDonald’s, Mercedes Benz, Uber, Lush, Nike are just a few recent examples of great content marketing for a cause. Plus, we are now seeing a huge among of beauty brands standing with women against the anti-abortion laws and donating money from sales to the American Civil Liberties Union, Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America, National Network of Abortion Funds, Yellowhammer Fund, etc. To sum up: if you aren’t ready to really take a stand, stay away from good cause content.

Don’t turn away help! This doesn’t mean that someone is going to offer you help with your content that just doesn’t happen. What this does mean is that there are many tools available today specifically designed to help you create beautiful, unique eye-catching content. And your job here is to find those tools. Here’s an example: if you are in need of digital signage software it is always a good idea to look for a company that has a proven record of helping brands create beautiful engaging content with their digital signage. When you’ll find a company that invests in itself and is able to offer a great content creator with beautiful designs and engaging content – you’ve found your company!  Our latest love is Kitcat digital signage soft: tons of professional quality images, great icons and shapes, hundreds of beautiful modern fonts, and great photo filters that bring everything together. If you already found your soft, skip to the next idea.

Always pay extra attention to your headlines. Nothing really changed here: headlines can and should have an impact on whether your content will be read. We aren’t urging you to write those melodramatic clickbait titles that everyone despises, not at all. But we are trying so hard to move away from this annoying way of getting the attention that dull became our new normal. Focus on creating engaging headlines. Take a look at top-performing ones for blogs, sites, Facebook, and start crafting your own.

Hire an Editor. Seriously. Even if you have five content managers all grammar nazi types, fire one of them and get yourself an editor. It is not just about grammar and typos. Editors are the ones that make your content enjoyable, easy, and fun to read. And, let me assure you, enjoyable content is the only one that is effective in meeting your goals. Editors know how to refine content and communicate a pervasive message. Hire an editor.

Pay attention to your social media content. There is a time, away, a format to be used and rules to be followed for all of the social media channels. If you aren’t paying attention, your content is already irrelevant. You need to understand not only how to create awesome content for all of your SM pages, but know how to effectively distribute your content to ensure it achieves the maximum and most relevant reach on every page. Creating sharable content starts with understanding your audience. There was a big study published by the NY Times Insights Group that showed us the main factors that cause people to share content on their pages. The study stated that people share content that they think will define them to others if they believe the content is of value or is entertaining when they feel your content will grow and better their relationships or if you are writing about the cause they care about or a brand they are fond of.

Tell a story. Storytelling should be the foundation of every content marketing strategy, mastering the art of storytelling is the best thing you can do for your content. Telling a story will help you connect with your audience, it will engage more people, increase sales and even make your content more credible. Storytelling is no less than the most effective way of engaging your audience, as people’s brains don’t really distinguish between reality and fiction and react when people have an emotional connection to the story. Moreover, stories will make your customers experience information, as opposed to just consuming it.

Be original. These days creating original content is one of the essential parts of a successful marketing content strategy. By creating original content you’ll be able to easily boost your search engine rankings, and if you want to be found on the web this is an important one. Original content will allow you to better connect with your customers, it creates more sales leads as your original content won’t just blend with the rest and disappear and Google loves original content.

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