7 Ideas to Make a Latina Fashion Blog Popular Abroad

Latina fashion has swept the world by storm. Thanks to Pam Hetlinger, Camila Coelho, Sincerely Jules, and other fashion influencers, Latinas have come back in big style for the first time after the J Lo era. Now, the world wants to know all about the biggest trends in the Latina world: from beauty, makeup, and fashion to music, dance, and entertainment. For the past decade, Latina trends have shaped modern pop culture way beyond their original geographical source.

Latina culture continues to be something the world is utterly fascinated with. Next to music and dance, fashion has played a huge part in that fascination and popularity. Nowadays, people from around the world are reading tips and advice from Latina fashion bloggers to keep up with the girls. Thanks to these trends, now is the perfect time to launch and run a Latina fashion blog.

If you want to reach maximum success, be able to monetize your blog and hit record highs in traffic, you have to cater to a global audience. This implies a somewhat different approach than you would normally take targeting a local audience. That’s why we have prepared this guide for you on how to make your Latina fashion blog popular abroad! Pay special attention to the following things:


1. Translate to/from English

The first and the most important step in making your Latina fashion blog a global hit is to translate its content into English. Of course, as you expand, you can start translating to even more languages with the help of professional translation services at PickWriters. However, starting with English is always a safe bet. You need to localize your blog for the English language because many users who are not even native English speakers use it to browse around the web.

Over 25% of Internet users are English speakers. Basically, this means that if you decide to run your blog in Spanish only, you will miss out on a lot of potential. Just try translating some of your cornerstone content, to begin with, and see how the audience responds.

If you’re already running your blog in English only, the first step is to (immediately) translate it to Spanish. When it comes to the niche of Latina fashion, these are the two languages that will give your blog the exposure it needs. You can separate them into different domains or place the second language into a subdomain or subdirectory.

Translate to or from English


2. Hire Local Influencers

Every region has its own fashionistas and influencers. You might have built your success working with influencers and bloggers back at home, but now it’s time to expand that network and invest more in influencer marketing. In the fashion industry, working with influencers is one of the fastest and most effective ways to help your blog take off. Generally, influencers are divided into 4 categories:

  1. Mega-influencers: celebrities, superstars with millions of followers
  2. Macro-influencers: follower base between 100,000 and 1 million
  3. Micro-influencers: follower base between 1,000 and 100,000 (they usually still have high engagement rates with their audience)
  4. Nano-influencers: less than 1,000 followers, but great influence in a narrow niche

Depending on the regions you want to reach and where you want to launch, you can find local influencers that will guarantee the highest success among those audiences. Your budget will determine whether you work with mega or nano influencers. Still, don’t think that only mega influencers can get you massive global success. Sometimes, a combination of partnerships with several smaller influencers can be more effective than one major one.

Remember, you should always look for social media accounts that have high engagement rates and dig deeper than just the follower count. There are many other things that can tell you about that particular person’s influence. If you have worked with influencers on your original blog, try mirroring the same type of profile and following for your new blog intended for global audiences.


3. Create an SEO Strategy

Like any other blog in any industry in the world, you can use the power of SEO to generate consistent organic traffic. As a Latina fashion blogger, you have a particular set of topics that your users are interested in. As someone doing SEO, your goal is to structure those topics in a way that makes it more likely you will be shown on the 1st page of Google for those keywords.

If you’re not sure that you know exactly how to make your fashion blog search engine friendly, you can work with experts and get helpful tips and techniques. There are many digital marketing agencies that can help you craft an SEO strategy. Primarily, you will be looking at:

  • primary keywords you should be targeting
  • secondary and long-tail keywords
  • websites for potential cooperation/guest posting/backlinks
  • internal structure of your website
  • optimization of metadata
  • search engine optimization of images, descriptions, captions, and tags
  • optimization for social search engines (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube…)


4. Expand across social media platforms

As a fashion blogger, you probably already heavily rely on social media to promote your content. Well, the same goes for when you’re launching to different regions and languages: create separate social media pages and profiles so you can capture user’s searches in different languages.

Expand across social media platforms
Image source: The VPN Guru

If you’re expanding to multiple languages at the same time, it can be time-consuming and confusing to run all those social media pages simultaneously. That’s why you should opt for automation tools that can help you save time and become more organized through scheduling posts. This way, you’ll have more time to interact with your audience.

If running too many social media pages is too big of a financial strain for your blog (especially if you’re working with a digital marketing agency) you can limit yourself to just a few. Before you do that, use research insights to know which platforms are most popular in each country. For starters, you can eliminate social media networks that are not in the top 3 in a given country.

When we look at the 2020 trends, TikTok can be a fun platform to try as a fashion blogger. It’s still not overcrowded with brands and bloggers, but the engagement rates are skyrocketing. Out of all social media networks today, TikTok is the easiest way to get free impressions (however, paid ads are still limited).


5. Use Multimedia

There’s a well-known saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but what it actually means in the context of your blog is that you can communicate with audiences around the world using the power of the visual.

Employ animations, stickers, images, videos, and infographics to capture the attention of your audience. If you don’t, your competitors will. In other words, you have to use multimedia in a world where attention spans are getting shorter and the visual is getting flashier and more interesting. (As we have previously mentioned, TikTok 15-second videos are a great example of that trend.)

You can use dynamic images as a fashion blogger to promote the visual component of your content. Play around with filters, carousels, and other options that are available on social media platforms. You can also add clothes, accessories, and other fashion products directly into your images so your readers know where to find them.

Use Multimedia
Image source: Social Media Examiner


6. Always stay on-brand

The only way to be recognizable and to form lasting connections to your audience is to be consistent and regular. This is also applicable to situations where you’re expanding your blog globally. In terms of fashion blogs, it’s important that you also stay on-brand, i.e. that you don’t change your style over the course of time. After you have entered a new market, this is especially important because you are yet to form those connections to your readership.

To do this, you need to determine the basic characteristics of your fashion blog’s brand. The niche is Latina, but there are also many other elements that are changeable. For example, are you presenting people from everyday life or glamorous models? Are you showing your readers high-end fashion, affordable outfits, or eco-friendly clothes? These are just some of the millions of tiny characteristics and atoms that make up a totality of a brand.

At the same time, you need to find a way to customize your brand voice and messaging as you launch in different cultures. Let’s say you’re covering high-end Latina fashion. How would you go about launching in a country where wages and living standards are significantly lower? You need to find these answers and create a map that will guide your brand through the intricacies of global expansion.


7. Get relevant backlinks in local languages

Backlinks (links from other websites that lead to your blog) are a crucial recipe for success in SEO. They are also incredibly important when you’re launching in a new language for the first time because you need to build up your domain authority in that region. Cooperating with local blogs and websites can help you with that.

Contact fashion blogs, reviewers, or websites to see whether you can promote your Latina fashion blog in any of the following ways:

  • place a promotional ad as a banner or image on the website
  • write a press release about the launch of your blog in the target market’s language
  • write a blog post where you can place your blog’s link and boost SEO
  • get a shoutout on social media

Just like we have previously mentioned, the key is to build genuine and lasting connections in your new target markets. Backlinks can help you with that because you need proof that your blog is relevant and visiting-worthy.



Thanks to the Internet and social media, you can now reach a global audience with little to no financial investment. If you’re ready to put in the time and effort, your Latina fashion blog might become the next big thing, as the world gets increasingly interested in all things Latina!

Start by a careful analysis of all the markets where you want to launch your blog. Figure out the best ways to present your information to those audiences. In some regions, social media will be the biggest traffic source, while others will prefer searching for terms they are interested in. Either way, you have to figure this out in order to know how to attract a global audience.

After you apply the tips we have presented above, be ready for the influx of new traffic by upping your hosting plan. Your domain (website) has to be able to handle a lot of traffic from all over the world, which is why you should focus on getting hosting packages with servers in different locations.

Finally, enjoy your work and continue sharing your passion! It sounds like a cliché, but it really is a fact that audiences will instantly notice that you’re writing about something you’re passionate about. When you consistently provide your audiences with high-quality, entertaining content that inspires them, you’ll be guaranteed to grow and thrive.

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